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Many people search for jobs that can provide benefits, a chance to grow, and a sense of security. One type of job that people commonly search for is government jobs that usually offer the perks of having financial security and opportunities for pursuing a career path while serving the country. In this article, learn more about government jobs, the benefits of these types of positions, the most common jobs, and the opportunities available in Fort Worth, Texas. Keep reading…

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About Fort Worth Government Jobs

Government jobs offer job seekers the opportunity to work at the local, state, or federal level in the most diverse sectors. The perks go from a sense of job security since the employees can qualify for permanent appointment after three years of ongoing service, to many benefits to employees, such as health insurance, dental insurance, and more.

Another advantage of looking for a government job is that the public sector is always hiring new personnel at many levels and provides excellent compensation for the workers.

To pursue this career path also allows workers to better the public sector by providing quality services. But do you know what types of government jobs there are? Keep reading and learn more!

What are the types of government jobs?

The categories of government jobs range between local, state, and federal level and vary from administrative, technical, professional to blue-collar, clerical, white-collar, and others, including many industries and sectors inside these categories, for example, law, health, education, science, and engineering, among others.

An example of a local government job is a police officer with a national average salary of around $51k a year. Another example is a firefighter with an average salary of $44k per year.

At the state level, some examples of government jobs are elementary school teachers or purchasing managers with average salaries of $57k and $72k per year, respectively. At the federal level, an FBI special agent can earn around $98k per year, and an economist can make around $99k a year.

Government jobs in Fort Worth, Texas

As we said before, one of the perks of working in a government job is that – different from working in a private company – the public sector is always hiring because the government won’t end as private sector organizations could. So, even if we’re dealing with a volatile scenario due to the economic and health crisis, job opportunities will still exist.

In Fort Worth, Texas, currently, there are between 300 and 1000 available positions in a 50 miles range that vary between many industries and levels (local, state, and federal).

Employees’ feedback and reviews show that most government workers are satisfied with their workplace, with the flexibility that the job offers, and with the compensation and benefits that come with it. Overall, even with some challenges on the day by day work, the experience of working in a government job in Fort Worth is great, and the available positions are vast.

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