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Both city and county-level government entities are housed within the city limits of Houston, Texas. Because of the city’s population and its major stake in the oil and gas industry, there is also a small federal presence in the area, although federal positions are often hired from outside and thus are more challenging to generalize. Keep reading…

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The city of Houston is responsible for a population of almost 2.5 million people and houses several county courthouses and criminal justice entities connected to the State of Texas. This makes government jobs within the city many and varied, but we will focus on some of the most common and span a variety of different roles within government institutions.

Employers and Positions

One of the most common government-affiliated roles in the city of Houston is a police or correctional officer. There is a federal correctional facility in Houston as well as ample opportunities for law enforcement roles. These positions typically require applicants to undergo a six-month training program and have income levels ranging from approximately $40,000 annually to over $70,000 annually. Law enforcement roles generally accumulate raises at year benchmarks as experience is accrued. Other common government positions that require little training are technical and mechanical roles. These roles are concentrated in the Public Works and Transportation departments through the city but can be found in some capacity in most governmental departments. These positions usually only require a technical license relevant to the particular job and, if the position is supervisory, five or more years of relevant job experience. These positions are often paid hourly with a wage of roughly $15 to $20 an hour. Finally, the majority of other government jobs are clerical or white-collar in nature. These include directorial and managerial positions and typically require a Bachelor’s degree at minimum in addition to several years of work experience. The salaries for these positions vary greatly, but the majority fall in the range of $60,000 to $80,000 annually. Above that, most positions are filled via appointment or election.

Job Satisfaction and Feedback

Government workers in Houston have varied levels of job satisfaction. Among law enforcement positions, officers generally report lower levels of job satisfaction which is likely related to the challenging nature of their position. Similar sentiments are shared among technical and mechanical government roles, although these positions had slightly higher rates of job satisfaction than law enforcement officers. Finally, white-collar government positions in Houston had overall higher levels of job satisfaction, although these employees were more likely to have complaints about structural or administrative issues. That being said, government employees in all departments commend the benefits packages they are offered as well as view their salaries as fair for the work they do which seems to offset any dissatisfaction.

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