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There are quite a few government agencies offering employment opportunities in the Indianapolis area. When most of us think of government work, we most naturally consider the Federal government as the largest employer. National government positions are available in Indianapolis in a wide variety of positions. Keep reading…

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As with almost all government employment, these positions usually require passing a civil service test, after which you will be put on a list according to the grade you have achieved. Preference will be given to veterans. Lots of people prefer government work due to its relatively secure nature. Once you’re in, you stay in, barring gross incompetence or a government shutdown.

Federal employers in Indianapolis include, of course, the United States Postal Service. A mail person’s wage varies from $11.40 to $30.11, averaging about $18.15, depending on location and duration of service. But, if trudging through snowy streets is not your idea of an ideal occupation, you can consider more indoor work, such as Mail Processing Assistant. This is a clerical position which involves sorting mail, culling undeliverable’s, and loading. In fact, you may be required to do virtually anything which will support the smooth delivery of the nation’s mail and the efficient operation of the local post office to which you have been assigned. Salary is about $18.15 per hour.

Homeland Security jobs are also available in Indianapolis, with its large airport and busy railway system. A transportation Security Officer (TSO) is responsible for the ongoing security of transportation facilities, as well as the people who make use of them. TSO’s ensure freedom of movement and travel throughout the country. Salaries for TSO’s range from $16.48 to $23.54 per hour. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs operates a large hospital in Indianapolis, along with other support facilities, and all of these offer employments at various levels.

If you are interested in an entry level position in healthcare, consider signing on as a student trainee in the Pathway Internship Program. This program allows students to join the Department’s long-term training and development system, where they will explore possibilities in regard to long term career goals. Primary responsibilities include collecting samples, including blood samples, and caring for patients as they do so. Depending on your career path, you may be required to relocate. Salary is between $28,033 and $36,440.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also has offices in Indianapolis and offers employment opportunities at various levels. Near the top, of course, is the position of Special Agent. As anyone who watches TV can tell you, a Special Agent is responsible for enforcing the laws of the United States. This can vary from white collar crime to drug trafficking. Salaries for such elite officers range from $62,556 to $80,721.

The Internal Revenue Service also operates an office in the Minton-Capehart Federal Building in central Indianapolis, along with several other agencies. Please be aware that most federal employment involves the ability to pass a background check, which will involve fingerprints. Job satisfaction with federal jobs falls into a generally satisfactory range, perhaps even more so, given the security and benefits offered.

You should be aware that government work is not limited to the Federal level. Indianapolis offers a wide variety of jobs, from clerical to infrastructure maintenance, and Marion county is also a possible source of employment.