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Within the Los Angeles city limits, various government entities are some of the largest employers in the area. Factoring in the city, county, and federal level, the number of government employees currently tops 200,000 across hundreds of departments and at an enormous variety of income levels. Keep reading…

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While a substantial portion of positions are unavailable to outside applicants because they are filled through election, appointment, or promotion, we have taken stock of those that are available to outside applicants and surveyed the most common government positions in the city of Los Angeles.

Postal Service

The most common position under government jurisdiction in Los Angeles is working for the United States Postal Service. While the postal service alone captures various jobs, the most common within that subset are delivery drivers, sorters, and warehouse workers. Postal workers receive the same great benefits that other government employees do and tend to work full-time for a wage of $20 hourly or slightly higher of delivery drivers. Postal service jobs typically do not require any prior experience but, like most other government positions, require a background check. Within the postal service, there is immense opportunity for advancement and seasoned employees are rewarded with raises and bonuses for their loyalty, leading to a high rate of job satisfaction among postal workers.


Another common government position at the city and county level is through the police department. The LAPD runs a city-sanctioned training program that lasts approximately nine months with a similar program at the county level that applies to correctional facility officers. These roles typically do not require any prior experience beyond the completion of the necessary training program and general an annual income anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 annually with opportunities for promotion as experience is acquired.

Other Positions

Technical positions through the government are also extremely common, tending to require the completion of a trade school degree in a relevant field, such as electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. These positions are responsible for the maintenance of general infrastructure and of government buildings and can make anywhere from $65,000 at the most basic level to $120,000 for a senior administrative technician.

Finally, an advanced degree or sufficient experience can give a prospective employee access to plenty of upper-level government positions. For example, the city planning department frequently hired civil engineers and the public health department employs a legion of data technicians and scientists, all of whom tend to make over $150,000 annually depending on their experience.

Employee Feedback

In general, government employees have a high rate of job satisfaction. They tend to share the sentiment that their job is important and worthwhile as well as enjoy the health insurance and retirement benefits assured by a government paycheck. There is a definite correlation between higher salary and higher job satisfaction, except for among police officers who tend to feel more disenfranchised in their jobs, but they are the exception to the overall positive opinion of government employees in Los Angeles.

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