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Health care has always been in demand but this year, it is in even more of a demand as the health care crisis gives doubt to communities as well as the profession itself. Health care will always be in high demand. Whether it is daily health maintenance or it is emergency medicine, putting yourself on the front lines in health care is fulfilling and it pays well too. Keep reading…

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If you already have your health care courses behind you, you are now looking at employment. There are many different fields that one license or degree can be accepted. For example, if you are a Licensed Practical Nurse, you can find a job in a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, home health, or even a school setting.

Types of Roles

There are many different fields of health care to choose from.

Here are a few examples:


As a registered nurse, you are trained to handle all parts of care of a patient ordered by a doctor to ensure the health of the patient. You work directly with a patient to get them back on track with their health. You will be in charge of basic care of the health of that patient including vital signs, personal hygiene, as well as mental health. You will administer medications and assist the doctor in performing certain procedures for the care of the patient.


As a certified nursing assistant, your immediate supervisor will most likely be an RN. You will perform direct patient care in a home, doctor office, clinic, or hospital setting. In this field, you will perform personal hygiene procedures such as bathing, changing of clothes, changing bed linen, performing range of motion, assist with feeding or eating, and check vital signs. Your supervisor may assign you additional tasks to complete during your shift.

Radiology Tech

As a radiology technician, you will be in charge of performing x-rays on a patient when ordered by a physician. As an x-ray tech, you will be able to work in a clinic, doctor office, or hospital setting.

Major Employers

Bailey Square Surgery Center 512-248-7000

1111 West 34th Street, Austin, TX 78705

You can find a list of job openings at

Austin State Hospital 512-452-0381

4110 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78751

You can find a list of job openings at

Encompass Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital 512-730-4800

330 West Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

You can find a list of job openings at


Working at a hospital in the healthcare field is a rewarding career that you can bank on for the remainder of your working career. You can search for employment in the comfort of your home and apply for most jobs online. If you have a degree, you can start immediately in that degree field however, there are also entry level positions available too.

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