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There are hospital jobs available every day and each job is an important part of patient care, whether it is registration or surgery. If you enjoy helping others, then a hospital job may be just what you need for your next employment adventure. Keep reading…

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About Baltimore Hospital Jobs

Before you apply for a position at a hospital, it’s important that you know what you are qualified for. You want to find a job that you have the skills for and if you are interested, you can always work up to the job that you want. For example, if you want to be a registered nurse but haven’t went through college to earn your degree, you can start out by being a Certified Nursing Assistant in the hospital and work at this position while you are earning your degree.

If you like administrative work in a hospital setting, you may want to consider records keeping, secretarial, or emergency room or hospital admission department. There are many administrative positions within a hospital setting.

Career Growth

The great news about working in a hospital is you have the unique opportunity to try out new positions without changing companies. For example, if you don’t like working in emergency room admission, you can transfer to the records room instead when a position becomes available. Hospitals like to hire from within so that they can keep staff working at a position they are most interested in.

Types of Positions

Some common departments you will find in a hospital include:

  • Nursing
  • Support services
  • Patient care support
  • Management
  • Allied health
  • Administrative
  • Information technology

Hospitals in Baltimore

Mercy Medical Hospital

345 Saint Paul Pl Baltimore, MD 21202  Phone: 410-332-9000

You can find out what jobs are available at Mercy Medical by clicking on this link below:

University of Maryland Medical Center

22 S. Greene St. Baltimore, MD 21201 Phone: 410-328-8667

You can find out what jobs are available by clicking this link:

University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus

827 Linden Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201  Phone: 410-225-8000

You can find out what jobs are available at this location by clicking the link below:


Most hospitals recognize the need for employee health care, paid time off, and educational opportunities to advance your career. If you work at a hospital, you may be offered benefits that include:

Medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid vacation, sick leave, family leave, student loan payback, 401(k) retirement, federal credit union opportunities, and more.


When you are ready to embark on a life-changing career, the hospital will be able to offer you that type of career where you know you are helping others and getting paid to do what you like to do.

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