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Working in a hospital in Detroit is going to be rewarding. There are so many positions that are required in order for the hospital to function as it should. When even one position is not filled, it could mean more duties and extra work on others. There are twenty-eight hospitals found within the Detroit area. If you want to work at a hospital, you will have twenty-eight hospitals to choose from. Keep reading…

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Once you have decided to work in a hospital, the next thing you will want to figure out is what you want to do or what can you do in a hospital setting. You may want to work behind the scenes in scheduling or record keeping. You may be on the front lines and work directly with patients, providing direct patient care.

Why Choose Hospital Jobs

Health care is on the rise making health professionals in high demand. Hospitals must keep a certain number of employees at all times in order to provide the best patient care.

There are many benefits to working at a hospital:

Flexible Schedules

Because a hospital is open 24/7, it’s required that staff be also available to work around the clock. Schedules may include dayshift, night shift, and weekends.

Helping Patients

As an employee of a hospital, you will be able to help others. Helping others is a satisfying job because you not only make a difference in their care, but you also feel better about what you do.

Job Stability

Hospital jobs are in demand and there is no reason why they won’t be in demand for a long time. From working on charts to directly assisting patients on the floor, you will always be able to find a rewarding career in a hospital setting.

Advancement Opportunities

When you are ready, you can go into a designated program and earn a degree in many different positions that the hospital offers. You can start out as a nursing assistant and go to school to become a Registered Nurse.


In a clinical setting, jobs are in high demand, but most do require a degree or certification of some type. One example of a clinical job is a Medical Technologist. On average, the Medical Tech will average $26.67 per hour. In this position, you will need to perform certain tests that you learned to do in training. These tests can include drug tests, bacteria cultures, or cell counts. A Med Tech also prepares blood and tissue samples as requested by a physician. They will also record results in charts for the doctor to look over.

Respiratory Therapist -$32.66 per hour on average. In this position, you will treat patients who are having a difficult time breathing. You will diagnose conditions, such as asthma or bronchitis, and treat them accordingly.


When you work in a hospital setting, you can work in the kitchen preparing meals or on the front line, directly caring for the patient in order to get the care the patient needs administered as quickly as possible.

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