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There are a few hospitals in Houston that have positions available for people of many skill sets. If you are looking to change careers, start a career, or fill in some extra time, then a hospital job in Houston would be right for you. Healthcare workers are in high demand these days and continues to be as new viruses and illnesses are discovered. If you are interested in a hospital job in Houston, here are a few ways to make your search easier. Keep reading…

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About Houston Hospital Jobs

You can work directly with patients or indirectly. Direct patient care positions could include nursing assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, physician, laboratory tech, radiology tech, chemotherapy tech, and more. If you want to work indirectly, you may be looking for a janitorial position, laundry, and linens, secretarial, admissions specialist, medical records, and more. You may want to work in the food service so you can help prepare patients meals by following the diets that the doctor ordered.

What degree do you have?

Before you apply, be sure to add any certification or degree you may have on your resume. If you have CPR certification, be sure to add that as well. It’s important to list your education as well as any internship or clinicals you performed during your training. It’s still experiences whether you were paid or not.

What shifts can you work?

The more flexible your schedule is, the quicker you will most likely be called in for an interview. Hospitals are always open and because they are, they need staff to cover all those hours. You can choose to workdays or nights, weekends, or holidays.

Full-time, Part-time, or Temporary?

Some employees only want to work during the winter in order to have the summer off with their kids. Others want to work around their spouse’s schedule, so someone is home with the kids at all times. Some need to work full time day or night in order to pay bills. Give this some serious thought before you apply.

Hospital Positions Available

Hospital Sitter – Full Time – High School Diploma/GED

In this position, you will sit with children, monitor their behavior and care and report to the nurse, assist with meal prep or feed if necessary, stay with the child at all times with no lapse in coverage. You must be able to work 12-hour shifts.

Patient Care Assistant II for Emergency Center – Nursing Assistant Certification

In this position, you will be providing direct care to the patient under the supervision of a registered nurse. You will work closely with other staff to meet the needs of the patient. You must be familiar with basic medical terminology and possess organizational skills as well as computer skills.

RN Cardiac Tele – Full Time Days – Nursing Degree required

In this position, you will be responsible for direct patient care, be in charge of a team of staff working with you to care of the patients in your unit, coordinate with the team to delivery care throughout the shift, and more.


When working for a hospital in Houston, you become part of the team that is there for one common goal; to make the patient better with excellent care.

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