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Indianapolis is a population center of the Midwest. In the metropolitan area, which includes the surrounding Marion County, the U. S. Census Bureau estimated, in 2019, there was a population of 886,220 individuals. These individuals are served by 16 hospitals in Indianapolis alone, with an additional 17 in the metro area. With this many people and this many healthcare facilities, there are bound to be several jobs available, from medical care professionals to clerks to other support staff. Keep reading…

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For 140 years, Franciscan Healthcare has provided care with joy, compassion, and care, according to the tenets of their patron, St. Francis of Assissi. Founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, the organization operates hospitals throughout Indiana and Illinois and offers a wealth of e, employment opportunities. A Clinical Manager of Orthopedic Specialists is responsible for addressing the day-to-day issues involving the treatment of patients and the performance of staff at the clinical level.

As manager, they must ensure that staff has access to the most up-to-date training to maintain their skills, schedule staff meetings to address changes or additions to any policies which affect operations. They are also responsible for maintaining vital equipment, such as crash carts and precipitous labor bags. Qualified applicants will have an appropriate degree, either an associate or bachelor’s in a related field, such as nursing (RN or LPN), or radiology, etc. They should also have 3 to 5 years medical office experience, some medical management background, and a working knowledge of office software. Salary, as is usual in this type of employment, is calculated based on qualifications.

Franciscan also employs Cellular Therapy Technicians. These are individuals who work with stem cells in the laboratory, performing tests and reporting results, maintaining procedures manual as changes are made by facility’s the manager, and review billing records daily to make sure they are correct and complete. Candidates should have a degree in Medical Technology, Science, or Biology. If you’re looking for something a bit more fluid, schedule-wise, Franciscan also offers a position as a part-time Physical Therapist. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and the ability to connect with and motivate patients. Employees will be responsible for designing and implementing an attainable routine, with measurable goals, tailored to each patient’s unique condition.

There are also opportunities for patient care positions at a lower level of expertise. For example, Community Hospital North employs Emergency Room Technicians, as do most other facilities. These individuals are responsible for assisting staff in inpatient care. They will be required to draw blood, change dressings, supply catheter care, monitor cardiac activity, as well as transport patients to and from other facilities with the hospital. Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, the ability to lift a patient, and the completion of an arrhythmia recognition course.

Not all hospital jobs are directly related to patient care, but all make valuable contributions. Any large hospital facility requires a plethora of support workers, from floor cleaners to cooks, to maintenance personnel. And there are plenty of opportunities on the business end, too.