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If you want to find a job working in a hospital located in San Diego and don’t know where to start your job search at, this article is a great place to start. San Diego has several hospitals to choose from, which also means that there are a wider variety of positions available within. Working in healthcare is a rewarding career. You will put in long hours and be extremely tired but you are helping people heal from sickness and injuries. You are comforting worried families. You are providing comfort care at the end of life. Hospitals have many positions within that help to keep it running without dropping patient care. Keep reading…

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You will need to decide which hospital you want to work in first. There are several to choose from. You may want to work at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center located at 751 Medical Center Ct Chula, Vista, CA or you may decide to work at Alvarado Hospital located at 6655 Alvarado Road San Diego, CA.

Hospital Jobs in San Diego

The job you end up with will depend on several factors; what are you qualified to work as, do you have a degree or certification, do you need day shift or nights, and do you want part time or full time. Knowing the answer to these questions will make it easier for you to choose a position that is right for you.

Clinical Dietician – Full Time Days

As a dietician, you will be responsible for providing patient meals that are designed toward their nutritional needs as ordered by a physician. You will also educate the patient and their families of the nutrition necessary to help the body heal and how important it is to eat healthy meals.

Physical Therapist – Full Time Days

As a physical therapist, you will be in charge of working with the patient one-on-one to restore the function of the part of the body that has suffered a disability. While staying as a patient, you will need to visit the patient in his/her room and spend a certain amount of time with them to help them while trying not to over exert the area.

RN in the ER – Full Time Nights

As a registered nurse in the ER, you will be responsible for assessing patients, planning, implementing treatment and procedures, ordering tests, and working direct with the patient to help them. As a registered nurse, you will also talk to family and offer advice and wisdom on conditions that you are treating. The emergency room is fast paced and can be overwhelming at times. Be prepared to handle patient care in this type of environment.


Working in health care is important and every position is important to the patient, whether it’s working in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals or administering medications through their IV in the room. You will be an important part of a team.

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