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There are many positions required to make a hospital run smooth and when one position is vacant, it can upset the balance of everything until someone is placed in that position. If you have always wanted to be a part of a team such as a hospital team, now is a good time to join. Keep reading…

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About Seattle Hospital Jobs

Health care has been in the news a lot lately and while there are still some people who choose to not work at a hospital or any other health care related position, the need is still there to have continuous health care whenever it is needed.

About Seattle Hospitals

There are several hospitals in the Seattle area and close by that you can apply at when searching for a hospital job in Seattle. Each hospital features their own website to display the job positions that are available and how to apply to each one. The job listings also give you the requirements to apply for the job and the duties associated with it so you will have a general idea of what to expect when you apply.

Job Positions Available in Seattle Hospitals

Because it is healthcare in a hospital setting, there are many positions that must be filled and available within the hospital.

  • Physicians – general physicians, specialists, interns, residents and surgeons
  • Nursing – registered nurse, licensed practical nursing, nursing assistant
  • Laboratory – performs certain procedures on patients as ordered by a physician or nurse.
  • Radiology – performs diagnostic testing on patients as ordered by a physician or nurse.
  • Administrative – From answering phones to collecting and maintaining patient records
  • Supervisor – every position inside the hospital is overseen by a supervisor.
  • Food service – deliver high quality meals that are customized according to each patient’s diet. This position involves preparing the food in the kitchen to serving the trays direct to the patient,
  • Human Resources – responsible for payment of staff, vendors, supply companies

Each position is offered in either full time status, part time, temporary, or seasonal. Because it is a hospital providing 24/7 care, all shifts will be available for most positions.

How Much do You Get Paid?

When you work at a hospital, you will most likely need a degree or a certification to perform almost all positions. The more education you have or training you have in one position, the higher your pay will be.

If you have a degree or certification in some field of health care, you will want to add this to your resume before applying for this position.

Finding the Right Position in Seattle Hospitals

Because there are so many positions that keep the hospital functioning as it should, you may qualify for more than one position. For example, you may have your certification as a nursing assistant but you also have training in phlebotomy. This gives you the possibility of working on the floors as a nursing assistant or in the lab drawing blood.


There are many different positions to apply for and finding an entry level job to get started on your career into health care is a good choice to make. If you already have a degree, you have the opportunity to do something you are passionate about and make a difference in many lives.

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