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Known for its world-renowned Indy 500 motor race, Indianapolis is one of the fastest growing urban cities in the Great Lakes region. At the heart of Indiana, the state capital has seen extensive job growth in recent years, making it more and more popular among new graduates looking for work. Indianapolis economic prospects include steady growth in population with accompanying job growth, and affordable housing with increasing wages. Keep reading…

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Indianapolis is a unique city positioned to emerge as a growing tech hub as previously known tech hubs, New York City and Silicon Valley, become too expensive. Affordable housing paired with exciting job growth in new areas, Indianapolis is a home to consider.

 Unique Job Growth

Job data shows that Indianapolis is a growing tech hub with a rare complement: agriculture. In fact, Indianapolis is the fastest growing hub for technology and bioscience.

Indianapolis is the only U.S. city to have specialized employment concentrations in all five bioscience sectors:

  • Agricultural feedstock and chemicals
  • Bioscience-related distribution
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Research, testing and medical laboratories

On the tech side, Indianapolis is home to the headquarters of TechPoint. TechPoint is an organization with the mission to promote and accelerate the growth of Indiana’s tech community through various programs and initiatives.

Other key industries include:

  • Auto Industry
  • Life Sciences
  • Transportation
  • Information Technology
  • Research and Design

Specialized job growth within growing sectors along with a young population of new grads, makes Indianapolis a sustained urban environment with increasing opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Competitive Cost of Living

The average cost of a home in Indianapolis is about $140K, about half the national average of $284k. The average salary in Indianapolis is about $65K, while the national average is only $55K. These two stats indicate that not only is Indianapolis one of the most affordable cities in the U.S., it also is also a wealthier city compared to the rest of the nation.

New graduates not only have opportunity of quality employment but also high-class housing in a vibrant, urban city.

Why Live in Indianapolis?

Downtown Indianapolis has it all: Industry and art, history and innovation, and a vibrant night life. The eastside offers neighborhood festivals, local eats and urban character while Eagle Creek is more countryside, rich with culture.

Some fun facts:

  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest children’s museum in the world
  • The Slipper Noodle, one of the city’s most popular bars was part of the underground railroad
  • The Indy 500 is the largest single-day sporting event in the world
  • Eagle Creek Park is one of the country’s largest municipal parks


Indianapolis is a growing city attracting many new graduates. The expanding tech hub paired with unique bioscience opportunities means competitive salaries. Its location offers the best of both urban city life and suburban residential housing. With affordable home and land value, competitive salaries allow workers to get more with their dollar and a better overall cost of living relative to other major cities. Come explore the heartland of the U.S. at the capital city of Indianapolis.