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Internships are by far the best way to set yourself apart from other candidates for a job, especially while you are still a high school or university student. Internships come in various forms but they generally vary from week-long placements to 3 or 6-month placements, offered part time or full time depending on the specific time period and what is expected of the intern. Keep reading…

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Internships not only give you great experience in the specific field you are looking to develop a career in, they also provide you with practical skills for your chosen industry and a better understanding of how to apply theoretical and technical skills you have learned in education to the job itself. In exchange, the company employing the intern benefits from their skill and labor for the duration of the internship. Internships can be unpaid or paid, although the latter are more favorable.

In addition, internships should be differentiated from apprenticeships as the former do not result in a qualification and, while they may lead to employment with the company who offered the internship, this is not a given.

With regards to day-to-day activities, the specifics of what tasks are carried out depends largely on the company itself and the amount of responsibility they feel is appropriate to assign to the intern, but, administrative, entry level tasks are most likely. These allow the interns to get a good idea of what the job entails without burdening them with too much responsibility or stress.

Interns are most likely to be university or college students at various stages of their higher education career, so if you go to one of the following universities around the Dallas area, this is the page for you:

  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • University of North Texas at Dallas
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • University of Dallas
  • Criswell College
  • Dallas International University
  • Paul Quinn College
  • Parker University

The general Dallas area has approximately 24 Fortune 500 companies operating in it as well as over 250 other notable corporations. Most of these businesses, covering a wide range of fields at different levels, offer internships for university students and graduate school leavers. 

Internships can be divided based on a variety of factors. There are paid and unpaid, in private or public sectors, in for-profit and non-profit companies, during term-time and during vacation periods (especially summer vacations), and even internships that count as college and university credit. In any case, where internships are paid, regardless of the field or area of work, interns are generally entitled to at least minimum wage for their contribution to the company. In Dallas, the average intern earns around $12.91 per hour.

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