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The best way to learn a skill is to find internship in the field you are interested in. Interns may not make a lot of money but the knowledge they learn while on the job is priceless. Some internships are paid positions while others are not. When searching for an internship, be sure to read the description carefully to determine which one is right for you. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Internships

One factor to consider before taking an internship in San Diego is whether or not you make it on minimal to no income. If you can’t, you may need to spend more time exploring until you find one that is right for you and meets all of your needs.

Example Opportunities in San Diego

  • Financial Analyst Internship – Assist in research and maintaining investments, create portfolios to present, assist in cash flow analysis, customize plans using retirement planning software, learn how to prepare asset allocations for clients, work with other advisors to help prepare retirement plans and investment strategies for clients.
  • Forensic Analyst Internship – This position requires the intern to run daily, weekly, and monthly reports, manage inventory, create marketing materials, and more.
  • Transit Intern – Working with the San Diego Transit Authority System to assist with service changes, provide assistance in service monitoring, conduct bus inventory maintenance, assist with timetable deliveries, draft memos to go out to staff, and perform other duties as needed.

An intern job listing doesn’t normally say whether it is a paid or not a paid position so you will need to follow through with adding your resume, cover letter and sending an application in and then waiting for a chance to discuss the position with human resources.

What It’s Like

Most internships lasts up to 6 months and during that time the intern learns a lot about the field they’re interested in. They get familiar with others and network, receive partial benefits and compensation, experience what it can be like working as a regular full-time employee.

Most interns go into their new position not knowing exactly what they will be doing from one day to the next. While it would be nice to know ahead of time, it may not be possible. However, you can ask before you agree to accept the position so you have answers to any of your questions concerning the opportunity.

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