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One of the economic sectors to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic largely unscathed was the technology industry and, with it, the information technology sector. While there was very little IT job growth during the worst of the economic shut down as companies sought to conserve their resources, it certainly didn’t see the same losses as the service, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. Keep reading…

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IT jobs also lend themselves very well to remote operation, with workers finding it a relatively seamless transition to providing technical support from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, an increased reliance on technology for purposes of social connection meant the demand for IT services has remained relatively stable throughout 2020. The Dallas, Texas IT sector is no different, with nearly 200 active job openings available for a variety of IT positions.

Compared to a lot of other careers, IT jobs are much less variable in the qualifications necessary to apply for a position as well as in the general purpose of each IT position. The majority of IT jobs only require a high school diploma but do demand a high level of proficiency with computer software, with Excel and Microsoft Office being the most commonly requested areas of proficiency. A good IT specialist must be particularly adept at navigating the necessary software and troubleshooting potential problems, which can be achieved through either work experience or completing a variety of IT certification programs that typically take six months or less to complete.

Employers often require prior experience in customer service positions too, as the job entails assisting customers and potentially other employees at a broader company in navigating technical problems. Entry-level IT positions are typically paid an hourly wage of $15 in Dallas with a potential for a slight increase depending on prior experience. Upper level and managerial IT positions in Dallas that require extensive experience and often an associate degree pay roughly $25 to $30 hourly. Some of the largest IT specialist employers in the city of Dallas include Amazon Web Services, which is the arm of Amazon that manages website domains, and Raytheon Intelligence and Space, which is an aerospace defense and engineering agency with headquarters in Dallas. Both have expansive IT departments and plenty of opportunity for career growth.

Overall, IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs and career paths. One of the major reasons cited for this high level of satisfaction was the ability to progress and learn new skills. What dissatisfaction does exist derives generally from the desire for higher pay and benefits but, when compares to the relatively low degree of certifications required to being in the IT sector, the payoff from a long-term position can be significant.

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