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Kaiser Permanente is a not-for-profit health organization located in San Diego. Kaiser serves more than eleven million members from over six hundred locales. Working together, Kaiser has a positive impact on lives in many ways. Kaiser constantly strives to keep positions filled. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Kaiser Jobs

Kaiser Permanente offers services that include specialty care as well as preventive care, and emergency care. If you are interested in a position at Kaiser, here is some information that could be useful in your search.

Typical Positions

  • Emergency Department Assistant – This position includes registering patients, discharging patients, follow up care, and assisting doctor and nurses with different aspects of patient care.
  • Surgical Tech – This position requires that you set up an operating room prior to surgery and assist the physicians and nursing staff in procedures to help the patients.
  • Med/Surg RN – If you have a degree in nursing, you may want to apply for the position of medical surgical RN. This position includes working closely with doctors and other staff members to provide the best care to the patients. A Registered Nurse, or RN, performs direct care to the patient under the guidance of the physicians and can include ambulation as well as medication dispensing.
  • Financial Analyst – This position requires the knowledge or running reports and analyzing numbers to ensure that finances are stable and if not, where calculations went wrong.
  • Medical Office Assistant – In this position you will work directly with an RN to ensure that services are being provided, answering phones, and performing other duties as assigned by charge nurse.
  • Mammography Tech – Performs and operates specialized equipment to perform mammograms as ordered by a physician.
  • Monitor Tech – Watches heart monitors on patients located throughout the facility and notifies the nursing supervisor or RN in charge when a malfunction or arrhythmia is detected on the monitors.

Average Pay

The pay is going to vary depending on the job and qualifications you possess. For example, a medical assistant can make on average $23.78 per hour and an RN will make approximately $114,000 to $145,000 per year. A surgical tech can average about $60,707 per year and a mammography tech can make $74,069 per year. Financial Analyst’s can average about $98,000 per year. A monitor tech can make close to $56,000 per year.


If you want to find a rewarding career in a health setting, Kaiser may have the job you are looking for. Set some goals and work at them to increase your pay and feel more confident about the security of your future.

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