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Labor jobs are always essential work in a number of industries. There are some things that machines cannot do that people are needed for to get the job done. Labor jobs can range from entry level positions up to technical positions, which can require specific types of certifications or trainings to perform. Keep reading…

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Manual jobs are jobs that require some degree of physical work. In most positions, it is important to have some training, certification, or a license to do the job. In some specific instances, a college degree will be required. Manual labor gives you a sense of pride when the job is complete and therefore, is considered a rewarding career by many.

Manual labor jobs are good for those who do not have a degree or a certain level of education but want to be paid well for their work. In some positions, a certification, license, or a degree is necessary to qualify for a manual labor job because it requires working with specific tools or dangerous machinery.

Types of Jobs

Manual labor jobs are available in many different industries that include:


Average pay is $11.32 per hour.

In this position, a housekeeper will clean and maintain certain living spaces. Housekeepers are hired to work in motels, hotels, mobile units, and personal homes. To be a housekeeper, you don’t need a high school diploma or GED however, this may be required for some positions. These positions can include daytime, evening time, or nighttime, and can be part time or full time.


Average pay is $11.88 per hour.

In this position, a custodian works to keep a business clean on the inside and out. Duties would include picking up trash, stocking bathrooms, securing buildings, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, vacuuming, and performing general maintenance on the building. There are no educational requirements for this position and is considered an entry-level position.

Landscape Tech

Average pay is $14.07 per year.

A landscape tech will work outside as a landscaper, performing maintenance on the grounds which include pruning, trimming, watering, mowing, edging, fertilizing, watering, insect control, and other duties necessary to keep the yard or landscape looking clean and organized.

The Future of Labor Jobs

Machines have threatened to replace manual labor, however, it hasn’t happened yet. While some positions are now more effectively performed by machines, there will be always be a need for the human touch in many industries and positions.

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