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Henri Frederic Amiel, a Swiss philosopher and a poet, stated that “everything you need for a better future and success has already written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library.”  Hence, libraries are the most significant part of the community that cannot be eradicated, no matter how much tech-savvy we may have become. New York City is the home of some very ancient libraries of the world. Apart from other job opportunities, there are various work opportunities available for librarians as well. Keep reading…

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About NYC Library Jobs

The majority of people seem to underestimate the job of a librarian. A common misconception that prevails in the community is that only book enthusiasts can handle the task of being a librarian. Well, to clear the air, many librarians tend to complete five to six years of post-secondary education before pursuing this as a source of their bread and butter.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Complete an undergrad degree
  • Choose an area of specialization
  • Complete a post-graduation degree
  • Apply for certification

Types of Positions

Whether it is as basic as kindergarten or as high and complex as a university, every educational institute needs to have a library installed. People usually think of an elderly, sitting behind a desk, scolding people from time to time to keep their voices low when they hear of the word librarian.

To add to your knowledge, different job titles come under the category of a librarian.

They are as follows:

Community Librarians

A community librarian is the one that works at libraries owned by the state, For instance, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Public librarians not only do the work that comes with their job description, but they also arrange literary and pedagogic activities for people’s learning.  

Digital Librarians

A digital librarian is responsible for preserving each article digitally that can be accessed by the learners. They also advertise books and other events digitally on social media. 

School Librarians

A school librarian is responsible for conducting storytelling sessions for the primary grade students. They also assist the students of higher grades with their projects.  School librarians also ensure that every article, magazine, or book is present on the assigned shelf. 

Average Income

The average remuneration of librarians varies based on geographic location, work experience, academic qualifications. Since New York City is one of the busiest yet expensive cities in the US, the average salary earned by librarians per year is roughly about $54,812.

Employee Feedback

Be it a part-time worker or a full-timer, NYC’s librarians were satisfied with their work-life balance. Most of them found their working schedules to be flexible, with friendly managing staff. The cozy and cordial working environment keeps them driven and focused throughout the day. 

Few things in life will never diminish, no matter how much our life has become dependent on technology. Libraries have only evolved with advancement and modernization.

 With their updated system, they have become a safe place for the youth after school. Hence, younger librarians have high chances of advancement in this career pathway as librarians’ job opportunities are expected to rise to 6% in the coming years.

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