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Health care in general is suffering from a shortage of skilled and licensed nurses that will help to take care of patients when they are not well. There are many positions within the circle of nursing, one of which is the LVN. Licensed vocational nurse, or LVN, can play an important role in the care of a patient. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio LVN Jobs

If you have thought about getting into nursing but don’t have the full two to four years or more to invest before you start receiving a paycheck, you may want to consider starting your nursing career as an LVN. Most LVN programs can be completed in about twelve months, while others can go up to twenty months. Once you graduate from the program, you can begin working as an LVN while advancing on to become an RN if you choose.

An LVN performs direct patient care as well as administers medications. An LVN can find a job in the hospital, physician’s office, school, home care, and more.

Licensed in San Antonio

If you have already obtained your LVN license, you will first need to transfer your license over to Texas if you are licensed in another state. This will need to be done before you can be hired to work as an LVN in certain facilities due to liabilities when administering medications.

If your license is currently in Texas, you can begin practicing immediately, finding a position that works best with your schedule and offers you the pay and benefits you want.

How Much do LVN’s Make?

The average that an LVN can make normally runs between $28 and $35 per hour.

The pay you receive will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • How long have you been an LVN
  • Do you have any specialized training?
  • What hours are you available to work?
  • What unit or field are you interested in working in?

LVN’s may choose to work in geriatrics, pediatrics, Intensive Care, OB/GYN, emergency medicine, or work in a private physician setting working alongside of a physician to provide as much patient care as possible.

How to Find an LVN Job

To begin your search, have a copy of your license ready along with a current resume. Many companies will post an open LVN position online through popular online job boards such as Create a profile, upload your resume and your license, and then begin your search, narrowing your results down by filling in advanced search options. This will help you search only the jobs you are most interested in.


Taking care of others is a very rewarding career. You can be a part of it and help to make someone feel better, even with just a smile or a touch of a hand. Making money while you work at a job you look forward to working each day is worth the time and effort you put in to earning your degree.

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