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There are great jobs available for those who know how to market goods and services to the public. One of the great benefits of working in marketing is that often this work can easily be done from home. As a marketing specialist you would be working with a variety of businesses to create marketing campaigns. This would include identifying their target audience, creating a campaign tailored to that audience, and then carrying out that campaign. Marketing specialists have to be good communicators as there are a lot of different departments working together to create the best product, marketing, and sales plan possible. Keep reading…

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To land a job as a marketing specialist you will most likely have to complete your bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Although it isn’t always required, most companies prefer to hire candidates with a 4-year degree and that have had several years of experience as a marketing assistant. You should also make sure that your computer skills are up to par and can even get additional certifications to make your application stand out.


In Charlotte marketing specialists make on average $54,000 per year along with benefits provided by the company. These typically include insurance, 401k match, stock options, and paid time off. GMR Marketing is a marketing company that operates worldwide to “create branded experiences, leveraging the consumer passion areas of sports, music, entertainment and lifestyle interests.” This smaller company has great reviews on job satisfaction, pay, and personal sense of achievement.


Reviews for this company were glowing with job satisfaction and overall happiness. Employees past and present felt that the company has an open and inclusive culture, they loved that they were able to not only demonstrate products but keep them after and felt that the company truly cared for their employees. Although most reviews are good some have complaints about not feeling that they were paid enough and unpredictable hours.

The interviews at GMR are said to be of average difficulty. They are very friendly but very thorough and want to know about who you are as a person to see if you would be a good addition to their company. The hiring process typically takes around a week to complete and will likely involve a phone screening, background check, and a progressing set of interviews as they narrow down the candidates.


Putting in some time as a marketing assistant can really pay off with a good job with continued upward mobility. It is also a great work from home option once you get established within a company that could potentially be done from anywhere.

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