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The marketing department is the backbone of any business, big or small. This is why the marketing industry is an ever-growing industry. It continuously expands and adapts to the changing tech and media environment and molds according to it. Getting employed in an ever-growing field such as marketing has lots of perks. This industry offers its prospective employees lots of different avenues to drive through. It allows marketers to discover their innate passion and realize their career dreams. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Marketing Jobs

Chicago, a city in the US state of Illinois has always been the fastest growing city of the US. Owing to its unique geographic location and its link with water bodies such as the Michigan Lake, Calumet, and Chicago Rivers, it quickly became a transportation hub of the US.

Apart from being a transportation hub, Chicago is also among America’s tech hubs. Moreover, Chicago is home to some of the best marketing firms in the country. These firms offer digital solutions and advertising facilities and connect brands with their respective customers. This is the reason why currently, there are thousands of job openings for different positions in the marketing sector in Chicago.  From marketing directors to digital marketing strategists, top-notch companies are looking to hire qualified individuals to fulfill their designated roles.

A typical marketing employee is usually working side by side with the sales and promotions team. They put their creativity to good use and hatch innovative strategies for the promotion, launch, and distribution of the business’s products. They keep an eye on the ever-changing trends of the business world and shape their strategies to communicate with their customers accordingly.

Typical Job Titles and Responsibilities

Most businesses have a director for their marketing department. This Marketing Director develops comprehensive marketing strategies for the business’s products and/or services. They also oversee all the ongoing marketing campaigns of the company. They develop and manage a budget for marketing and observe the return on investment in marketing campaigns. Additionally, marketing directors also lead the marketing teams and oversee their work and progress to ensure the growth of the company.

To manage the marketing team and communicate with potential buyers, most companies hire a Marketing Manager. The marketing manager’s job is to understand the process of buying and help the sales and marketing teams in shaping their strategies to the buyer’s behavior. Another job title in the marketing industry is that of a Marketing specialist. A marketing specialist works to enhance the company’s current marketing strategy and contributes to the development of new plans for upcoming marketing campaigns.

In today’s day and age, when the world has gone digital, how can marketing be left behind? The marketing industry keeps up with the fast-paced world by employing digital marketing strategists. These tech-savvy employees develop digital media-focused marketing plans. They make use of digital content, social media, and email along with other platforms to achieve the company’s marketing objectives.

Job Statistics

The marketing sector is one of the few sectors with the highest turnover rates. Turnover rates for marketing jobs stand at 17%. While turn over for the job of marketing specialist is the greatest around 20% among all other positions in marketing. The average annual salary of a marketing employee lies between $60,000 to $80,000. Although, Directors of marketing may make up to or more than $100,000 per year. Marketing being a quickly expanding field has good employment rates and the employment rates for marketing managers are expected to grow by 6% in the next ten years.

Employee Feedback

The employees belonging to the marketing sector in Chicago mention that most marketing jobs have good pay and offer lots of benefits. Workers of this industry are appreciative of their co-workers and applaud the healthy, fun, and supportive work environment. However, most of the people while lauding their supportive teams, also lament about the marketing leadership being incompetent. They also mention how the work environment is fast paced in the smaller start-ups and sometimes workload can be a little too much.


The marketing sector is a fast-growing sector in Chicago. This city itself is a technical and transportation hub with ideal conditions for the marketing industry to flourish. Chicago city offers thousands of jobs in its marketing sector. Most marketing jobs are embellished with decent pay, supplementary benefits, and a good team. However, according to some employees, the team leader could lack certain qualities which ultimately reflects in the work environment and the business’s progress.

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