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If you like marketing, there are several marketing jobs available in the Detroit area. Marketing is a great career to get into. Every business will use some form of marketing at some point. Whether it is paper marketing or online marketing through websites, you are needed. Keep reading…

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About Detroit Marketing Jobs

In order to find a marketing job that suits you, first determine how you want to spend your days working in marketing. You may want to go to work for the local newspaper, you may want to work for an advertising firm for a magazine, or you may want to work with an independent marketing firm, specializing in social media marketing. Your possibilities are endless.

Example Positions

Director of Marketing – Full Time

In this position, you will be designing, planning, distributing, monitoring, and more. This position comes complete with benefits.

Campaign and Creative Manager for Amazon Full Time

In this position, you will need to help create and manage advertising campaigns, collect data for better strategy, and more.

Digital Marketing Specialist – Full Time

In this position, you will need to make changes to advertisement materials to suit the clients, you can work with others on marketing campaigns, make sure to follow company policy, and work well with a team to ensure that the content is accurate and interesting.

Career Outlook

When it comes to marketing, no business can go without it. They count on marketing to drive in the customers. Restaurants like to post their menus online. Stores like to post their sales and closeouts online, Grocery stores like to post meat sales and product sales throughout the year. Without marketing, this wouldn’t happen. Not to mention, look at how many businesses rely on social media for promoting their business; Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. It’s all important and someone needs to manage it, plan it, create it, and post it.

The outlook for a career in marketing is only going to continue to grow. There are many positions in marketing available from entry level to bachelor’s degree with experience.


Not every business offers benefits but some will.

Benefits for marketing positions can include:

  • Insurance – medical, vision, and dental
  • 401 (k) – savings for retirement
  • Paid days off – for holidays, vacation, and sick days
  • Travel expenses – because you never know where your job is going to take you


Marketing is a great career to get involved in. You will need or depend on marketing at some point in your professional career whether it is for your business or another established business. If you have ever wanted to start a career in marketing, now is the best time to get started because since more businesses have went online, the demand is up.

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