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Nearly every job market was affected in some capacity by the economic downturn following the advent of the coronavirus and the marketing industry in Los Angeles was no different. With the initial drop in spending and consumption, many firms and companies cut marketing positions or saw a steep decline in clients and jobs that made it difficult to maintain standard levels of productivity. However, a few months into nationwide lockdown, consumption ticked back up and with it, the marketing job industry has started to recover and is experiencing a rapid shift to accommodate increased levels of online shopping provoked by the pandemic. Keep reading…

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About Los Angeles Marketing Jobs

One of the benefits of marketing is that it can often be done from home, so plenty of marketing professionals retained their positions despite the initial downturn. Los Angeles is also unique in the sheer size of its economy, which has earned itself as one of the best cities for marketing professionals to find a job in. Many of the top marketing companies have headquarters in Los Angeles, the majority of them focus in the realm of social media.

Major Employers

Most experienced marketing professionals in Los Angeles make a median salary of well over $100,000 annually and even entry-level positions pay close to that amount with immense potential for growth. At present, there are thousands of open marketing positions in Los Angeles at prominent companies like TikTok, Snapchat, and many others. Some of the largest marketing employers in the area are Disney, Google, and Amazon, each of which has the resources to run its own designated marketing team.

Typical Roles

Some of the most common marketing positions and job titles are that of a social media manager or a marketing coordinator. These positions are often part of a larger company that does not typically have a marketing focus but requires a communications specialist. These positions all require a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, business, advertising, or some related field as well as several years of dedicated marketing experience. These more individualized positions are often spread throughout the wide variety of technological companies with offices in Los Angeles or at smaller startups that do not necessarily have the resources to establish their own private marketing department.

Boutique Agencies

In addition to these positions, there are several dedicated marketing companies based in Los Angeles that contract out to other businesses to handle their marketing for them. Some of these companies include Coalition Technologies, KlientBoost, and Metric Theory. These companies tend to be more oriented towards online marketing and management, so hire graphic design specialists as well as marketing professionals at all levels.

They have specialists in advertising, social media, search engine optimization, and a wide variety of other roles available that can start anywhere from $70,000 to $90,000 annually because they can afford to hire for entry-level positions. These companies are also great places for an employee to get their start in the world of marketing, as they tend to have the resources to offer internships and mentorship programs that enable an intern to develop their personal portfolios and gain job experience in the business world.

It is common for smaller companies to contract out to these firms for their services instead of spending the time and resources on their own marketing efforts. As a result, employees of these firms might handle multiple smaller clients rather than work exclusively for one.

Employee Feedback

Overall, marketing professionals report relatively high levels of job satisfaction. The realm of sales and advertising is ever-changing and thus retains a high level of interest for those in the field. Los Angeles is also a particularly favorable location to work in this kind of position, meaning marketers are in high demand and generally make a very good living and receive good benefits for the work they do.

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