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Metro Nashville jobs are rewarding and come with several perks. Any metro position will mean that you will be working with others to help accommodate for over 650,000 residents that count on the metro workers for water and other important and vital services. Metro Nashville is the first city-county consolidated government in the nation. Keep reading…

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Along with a great benefit package and fair compensation, metro jobs in Nashville can also offer opportunities to grow within your position while working in a safe and healthy environment taking care of the needs of the public. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, mental health, paid holiday pay, sick days that can accumulate, vacation pay that can accumulate, life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, flex spending, and mental health.

Example Positions

Animal Kennel Assistant 1

Pay is $31,574 annual. Duties include providing daily care of animals including bathing, grooming, feeding, and watering as well as exercising the animals. Watch the animals for behavioral issues, report any issues with health and behavior issues. Other duties include performing general housekeeping, assisting animal control officers and staff with handling of the animals, evaluating animals brought in, and paperwork as assigned.

Bus Driver

Pay is $32,252 annual. Duties include transporting children, parents/guardians, staff as well as equipment in a safe manner, keep up with and submit an inspection sheet on a weekly basis, provide a checklist daily and follow the cleaning schedules issued to your bus. Attend meetings and training as required for your position.

Emergency 911 Dispatcher

Pay is $10.948 annual. Duties include providing emergency services to save a life. The dispatcher will take emergency calls from citizens, gather all information in a prompt manner, and dispatch the appropriate emergency response team out to respond. This position operates 24/7, 365 days per year.

Other city jobs include county clerk, grant writer, repair and maintenance, dental hygienist, head start teacher, engineering tech, leasing assistant, police officer, health department nurse, and more.

Employee Reviews

Metro Nashville was given a 4.2 star review out of 9 total reviews. The pros that employees acknowledged included a great working environment with jobs ranging from behind a desk to outside driving a truck. Pay and benefits was also listed as a pro on the employee reviews. Cons included a lack of culture meaning that things were run somewhat the old-fashioned way and not a lot of up-to-date procedures and equipment used.


 No matter which positions you apply for in metro Nashville, the jobs offered are rewarding and come with a multitude of benefits, securing your future. Once you are hired by Metro Nashville, you can apply for other jobs that become available before they are presented to the public to fill.

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