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There are non-profit jobs in Baltimore that you can work full time, part time, or on weekends. If you want to earn some money and benefit an organization in the Baltimore area, then consider applying for non-profit jobs in Baltimore. Keep reading…

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About Baltimore Non Profit Jobs

Non-profit jobs are jobs that are paid, they are not on a volunteer basis so you will be compensated for your hours. You will just be working for a non-profit company which means that everything they make is not for a profit but for a cause. They work to help those who are in need, whether it is a clothing shop to help clothe the homeless or an organization that provides comfort and support to those who have lost their home in a fire.

Example Positions

You can search for a non-profit job through online job boards such as or

Jobs available for non-profit organizations include:

Administrative Coordinator for a non-profit organization – Full Time

You will be in charge of managing the everyday operations for an organization. You will support others who work, create a schedule of shifts, and manage projects. You will be working for an organization that supports families as well as community.

Intake and Investigation Associate – Full time

In this position, you will be working for The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland. You will need excellent research skills as well as writing skills. You will be self-motivated and provide a service that will strive to improve the relationship between the organization and the community. You will be trained to do some of the duties required for this position.

Development Coordinator – Full Time position

This position requires that you work with the Chief Advancement Officer. You will completely support the programs that are active and ensure tasks are completed. You will work to create and contact a donor base, process any pledges as well as gifts that come in and track them for reports. You will provide regular reports as well as process grants on a regular basis.


There are many perks to working for a non-profit agency which include:

  • Working with interesting people who are working together for one goal
  • Unlimited growth opportunities within the organization
  • Have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life
  • Learn a new skill
  • Work for a company that is not in business to make a profit for their own benefit but to make a difference in a community.


In a non-profit job, you have the opportunity to meet different people who all come together for one reason. You can break away from the constant weight of a corporate and feel free to make a change to an individual, a family, or a community.

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