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The nonprofit industry in Dallas, Texas occupies its fair share of the economic and employment markets. The five largest nonprofit companies in the Dallas area include the American Heart Association, Boy Scout of America, Uplift Education, the North Texas Food Bank, and the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation. Keep reading…

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Focusing in on those unique to the Dallas area, Uplift Education is the largest free public-school charter network in Northern Texas and serves approximately 21,000 students. Their goal is to provide high-quality, college-preparatory education for students of all backgrounds and ensure their long-term success. They employ hundreds of teachers and non-teaching staff positions across their many schools. Most employees start at a base salary of $53,000 annually with marked increases for each year of experience, prior to or with Uplift.

The North Texas Food Bank has made it their mission to close the hunger gap for Texas families and provide stable access to nutritious food. The majority of their labor is done by volunteers, but they have a team of about 180 current employees that handle the management, distribution, and organizational side of the food bank. Managerial positions with the North Texas Food Bank pay approximately $60,000 annually while hourly positions make anywhere from $14 to $17 hourly, depending on additionally licensing required to operate warehouse or transportation equipment.

The Susan G Komen Foundation is committed to funding breast cancer research and supporting survivors of and current patients with breast cancer. Their primary motivation is fundraising and much of their work is done by volunteers, so they only employ about 200 people. These positions are largely managerial or organizational and range from $50,000 to $80,000 annually depending on the level of the position and the employee’s experience with the company.

Beyond these three major companies, Dallas is home to hundreds of other nonprofits that consistently offer hundreds of jobs within the city. Since most nonprofit companies rely on volunteers in some capacity, many of these jobs are related to coordination in social work. The salary range is variable depending on the size and budget of each company, but the general range for organizational positions is anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 annually depending on an applicant’s prior experience.

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