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Have you ever thought about working for a non-profit company in Detroit? Many people assume that non-profit jobs are mostly volunteer because there is no money to pay the workers. This is not true. Non-profit jobs are paid jobs working within the non-profit company. Keep reading…

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Another misconception about working at non-profit companies is that you feel obligated and guilty if you don’t work for free or pay money back into the company. A non-profit agency operates for a cause, not for profit. They make enough money and budget for a certain number of employees. They may have full time, part time, or temporary positions available based on their budget and their need.

Example Positions

There are some good paying jobs found in non-profit employment.

Here are a few jobs that you can apply for now:

Grant Writer, Fund Raising Non-Profit Mercy Primary Care in Detroit – Part Time

In this position, you will work under the direction of the Executive Director. You will identify grants that the care center may qualify for and assist in grant writing. You will also be in charge of receiving donations for companies, organizations, foundations, and individuals who contribute each and every year.

Community Outreach Associate for Oak Street Health

In this position you will bring organizations within the community together to work for the community as a hole instead of individual organizations. Community outreach is vital in every community to help those who need assistance from time to time.

Director, Fund Development

In this position, you will specialize in fundraising. You will plan, create, implement, advertise, and manage a team to ensure that fundraising events can go on smoothly, whether they are in person or online.

Job Search

You can search online to find a non-profit job. If you know the names of the non-profit agencies within your area, you can type in the name in a Google search to see if they have a website. If they do, they most likely list their current openings for you to apply for.

You can call or walk in directly to talk to the management to inquire about any vacant job positions that you can apply for.


The opportunity to help those in need is a reward in itself but there are other benefits to working for non-profit companies and agencies. Each non-profit works and hires individually so benefits will depend on the location you are hired at. Be sure to ask about benefits before you accept employment. Some benefits may include health insurance, vision, dental, discounts in the stores or during a fundraiser, and more.


Working for a non-profit agency is rewarding in so many ways. If you want to earn money while you are enjoying what you do, then non-profit jobs may be right for you.

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