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One of the lesser-known economic drivers of the Los Angeles economy is the vast number of non-profit organizations that operate within the city limits. The California Association of Nonprofits has a record of nearly 10,000 nonprofits operating in Los Angeles in some capacity indicating they span an enormous variety of missions, sizes, and revenues. Keep reading…

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Los Angeles has a higher concentration of arts-oriented non-profits because it is a center for entertainment, but it also has a large homeless population in need to support, meaning non-profits in Los Angeles are filling so many roles and are representative of the various ways that the community of Los Angeles strives to care for one another. While our findings are not wholly representative of the full scope of the Los Angeles non-profit job market, we provide examples of some of the most prominent non-profits in the city and generalizations about the most common types of jobs to be found at a non-profit organization.

Major Non Profit’s

The California Community Foundation leads the pack in Los Angeles’ philanthropic non-profits. The Foundations’ primary goal is to fundraise and serve Los Angeles’ most disadvantaged community, with their mission being to “lead positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles’ communities.” Most of their employees are tasked with grant management or outreach in some capacity, handling the distribution of funds, or organizing fundraising efforts.

Another prominent non-profit in Los Angeles is the YMCA which “puts Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.” The YMCA has multiple locations throughout LA with hundreds of employees who maintain their facilities and assist with community outreach initiatives. They provide workout facilities, childcare programs, and community enrichment.

Other well-known nonprofits in Los Angeles tend to be oriented towards serving particular communities, like LA’s Latino/Hispanic or Black communities, LGBTQ+ youth, or the city’s homeless population. A comprehensive list of these can be found at the website

Typical Roles

Just as diverse as the variety of non-profits in Los Angeles are the types of positions these companies hire for. In general, working for a non-profit is not a scheme to get rich quick, but the work is fulfilling, and most companies are committed to taking care of their employees to the best of their ability.

A background in social work or other service position is usually a good place to start, as most non-profits hire community outreach professionals that need the interpersonal skills to meet the needs of the communities they seek to help. A background in business or marketing can also be useful in getting a job at a non-profit in LA, as most companies require someone with money management skills and the ability to advertise their mission to attract support and donors.

Finally, non-profits often hire interns and hourly wage workers for facility maintenance and to help at events they run, meaning plenty of part-time applicants also find success in working for a non-profit.

Employee Feedback

Non-profit employees also report uniquely high rates of job satisfaction which is related to both the feeling of accomplishment that comes from their roles and the positive company culture non-profits tend to cultivate, leading to the great experience that comes from serving one’s community.

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