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In the job field you can work for a non-profit job and still get paid. In fact, there are several positions that a non-profit agency will hire out for. Just like any other job, you will be required to show up for work when you are scheduled to work, you must stay for the entire shift, and you will receive a paycheck when it’s pay day. Keep reading…

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Before you start looking for a non-profit job in Nashville, there are a few things that you should be aware of first:

  1. You must assume that all the work you are doing is for the greater good. Too many times, people get consumed by the numbers and they lose focus of why they are non-profit. Don’t let that happen to you.
  2. It’s not easy to work for a non-profit agency because of the red tape that may be associated with the organization. You may be expected to do more with just a few resources. You may see changes occur at a slower rate than compared to other companies that run for profit.
  3. It’s easy to get burned out quickly in a non-profit job. That is because the non-profit agency is there for a certain reason and that is what they work toward. If you are in the facility doing the work, you have a lot to do in a small window of time and sometimes that stress can give you a feeling of being burned out.
  4. There is more to lose at a non-profit organization so if you come up short in the register or something isn’t done when it is supposed to, it may seem like the manager is taking it extra hard when he or she is having a talk with you. Bigger companies don’t normally fret over a few dollars difference but when a non-profit faces this dilemma, it is a very big deal.
  5. The main focus of a non-profit organization may be on fundraising and not so much the everyday work that you are doing. That is because non-profits normally make more money in a short fundraiser than they do keeping a store open year around.

Advantages of Non Profit Work

There are advantages to consider when working for non-profit organizations, like:

  • Working with a variety of people who may or may not have had a hard start in life. They get to pick who they want to work for them, and they make it a goal to select the ones they are most interested in based on each individual.
  • You can move up faster in a non-profit position because you will have the opportunity to prove yourself worthy by doing more in less time and focusing on a few projects instead of just one.


A non-profit position is certainly going to be different than those who are for profit. Everything you do is going to count and be noticed. How it is counted is up to you.

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