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NYC has hundreds and thousands of non-profit organizations and millions of people working a non profit job. Non profit organizations are of different levels, national and international. These organizations have been increasing in numbers in the past few years. Keep reading…

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The spread of Non Profit Organizations has had a pretty positive influence worldwide, with a huge impact on civil society. As non profit jobs exist in multiple industries, there are several job titles also. People can build a career in any field, from entry-level to management jobs.


While the basic requirement for a non profit job is a bachelor’s degree, some specific non profit jobs require a master’s degree in social work and public administration. The person applying for the job should be skilled in managing technical work. Non profit organizations tend to hire individuals who believe in bringing a change for the welfare of society.

This is the reason why the selection of candidates is critical in a non profit organization. These organizations make sure that the hired individual has no criminal record. This due diligence is necessary to avoid any obstacles in the running of the company.


Many think that a Non profit employee’s work is pretty simple. The common notion is that all that needs to be done is to arrange meetings, conduct campaigns, and fundraising events.

In reality, a non-profit worker also has other essential works to keep the company going:

  • Direct financial activities and other welfare programs
  • They are responsible for the long term and short-term strategies.
  • Assist in accession with governments policies

There is a misconception created by many people that Non-profit organizations pay very little salaries to their workers because the profits are mainly used for the betterment of society. These institutions pay a hefty amount of salaries and also fringe benefits. An employees’ salary in a Non profit organization ranges from $ 30,000 to $70,000 with an average wage of $50,000, varying on the work the person has been assigned.


Individuals who take up this line of profession are not attracted by the benefits that are offered but are rather much more motivated to work so that their community may prosper day by day. Working in a Non profit organization is motivating and satisfying as it is a payback to your society and country. It is a form of gratitude for what you have gained from this soil, and you return the benefits you have reaped by helping the needy and underprivileged sections of society.

You also learn to outgrow the boundaries of race and religion in this profession and desire the benefit of mankind at large. This makes you grow spiritually, and your heart learns to encompass the love of entire humanity. Thus, working in a non profit organization not only provides a steady source of income but also makes a person feel humble and good about themselves.

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