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A non-profit organization works to somehow improve society and normally includes educational, religious, scientific, or charitable means. What sets them apart from every other organization is that they do not distribute anything for profit to a private party. They use all their revenue to give back to the pubic in some way. Keep reading…

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About Seattle Non Profit Jobs

These jobs opportunities can give you a chance to make a difference in the community or with even one customer. You may be the reason they smile. The non profit groups try to reach out to individuals who may not have it as easy as some and somehow try to make a difference.

Non Profit Positions

  • Web Design – keep the website up-to-date and use the site to advertise upcoming events
  • Research – find out what is needed to hold an event, to advertise, to sell, to hold a fundraiser, and more.
  • Accounting – because money is constantly coming into the organization, it’s important that someone is keeping track of it all.
  • Communications – send out social media ads, contact local radio stations to advertise, and be the voice to the public
  • Administrative – oversee all aspects of the non profit
  • Management – hires, trains, works with individuals to ensure they know what to do
  • Grant writers – apply for grants and know how to fill out grant applications
  • Volunteer coordinator – coordinate with volunteers in order to hold an event

How Will You Get Paid?

The organization itself is what doesn’t receive any money. Employees are still paid if they accept a job with a nonprofit. While volunteers are still brought in for certain aspects of the business, if you are hired to do a paid job, you will be paid.

Getting Hired

Nonprofit job hiring is done the same way that a for profit company works. You will need to apply for the position, wait for an opportunity to be interviewed, and if the job is offered to you, then you can either accept it or decline it. You will still need to send in your resume and write a professional cover letter

Where to Look for Non Profit Jobs

The nonprofit jobs are advertised in the same way that other jobs are advertised. You can view these jobs by searching your local newspaper, social media, online job boards, such as or apply in person to a local nonprofit while you are out.


Many people assume that when the job title states that it is not for profit, they will only be volunteers while working. This is simply not the way that it goes, unless it states in the job description that the position is a non-paying job. Be sure to read the job description so you have a better understanding of what is expected of you in the position if you accept it.

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