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Nurses, one of the most important health workers are now almost at the same level as doctors. This profession is gaining increasing importance because researchers suggest that most patients are more comfortable talking to a nurse than a doctor. Nurses spend more time with their patients and help them understand their condition. This is why this profession requires the highest level of understanding, empathy, and commitment. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Nursing Jobs

Nursing stands among some of the biggest professions in America. Currently, America has more than 4 million nurses serving the public. However now, the continuously evolving health care needs, require nurses to be more skilled. An increasing number of patients requires them to be able to assist patients in some extreme cases without consulting the doctor first. This is the reason why most hospitals these days prefer to employ nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

About Nursing Jobs Chicago

Chicago, Illinois’ best “city to live in” ranks on 65 in the list of the healthiest cities in America. The windy city has several issues concerning healthcare. However, most of these issues are resolvable with the help of passionate and talented healthcare professionals. We won’t be wrong if we regarded Nursing in Chicago as an opportunity for aspiring nurses to gain experience and useful insights into working in a challenging environment. Currently, there are thousands of nurses working in various hospitals across Chicago. This is because working here gives great exposure to the nurses and help them grow in their careers.

Typical Job Titles and Responsibilities lists more than 160 job titles for nurses. Here we have gathered a few of them with their most prominent responsibilities. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need Nurse Practitioners. They provide initial medical assistance to the incoming patients. Nurse practitioners also maintain the documents of a patient’s medical history and all the medical services that they are currently receiving. They may also prescribe medicines and therapies to the patients as required.

Health care facilities need Registered Nurse Anesthetist whenever a patient needs anesthesia. They set up the necessary equipment for the procedure and maintain the patient’s documentation before, during, and after the operation. Moreover, nurse anesthetists stay for the patients while they are under the influence of anesthesia to provide medical assistance in case they react to it.

Then there are Family Nurse Practitioners. They help patients understand and gain awareness regarding important healthcare practices. They make sure that the patients’ and their families’ information is kept confidential as required and assist them in all possible ways to make them feel comfortable during trying times. Along with maintaining patients’ medical records, they guide their colleagues and ensure that all the patients receive proper assistance.

Another important job title for nurses is labor and delivery (L&D) registered nurse. These nurses assist the mothers and families all through the birth process. They monitor the mother’s and baby’s health condition during and after birth and complete the necessary documentation. They may also conduct pre-childbirth sessions to guide parents about the process of childbirth and what to expect.

Job Statistics

The turnover rate in the nursing profession varies from region to region and the national average turnover rate in this field is 17%.

If we talk about the employment rates, nursing employment in Illinois is expected to grow by 15% in the next 10 years. Moreover, the national nursing employment is projected to increase by 45% by 2029 as almost half a million nurses are set to retire by 2022.

As far as salaries are concerned, the annual median salary for nurse anesthetists is around $170,000 and $109,000 for nurse practitioners. However, the salary of other registered nurses ranges from $52,000 to $100,000 depending on their expertise and job title.

Employee Feedback

Most people associated with the nursing profession feel that they make positive contributions to society. Nurses working in various hospitals in Chicago appreciate their employers for the benefits and incentives that they offer. They love their profession for the opportunity it provides to work with some of the best people.

Nonetheless, most nurses complain about the excessive workload that bars them from having an appropriate work-life balance. Some workers also complain about low-paying jobs and inadequate management in some places.


Nursing is not just a secondary healthcare profession anymore. It has secured its place right beside primary health care service providers. This is why nurses now need to be more qualified so that they can take emergency medical action in the absence of doctors.

Chicago does not rank in one of the very best healthcare systems in the US. However, with commitment and dedication, healthcare workers can play their part in improving it and taking it to the top by focusing on the patients and making sure every patient gets the service he/she came looking for.

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