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If you are tired of getting by with a job that also makes you pay insurance premiums for healthcare for you and your family out of your own pay, then you may want to consider applying for Oklahoma City jobs. The city employees a certain number of people to help keep the city running efficiently for the residents and those who stop in for a visit. Keep reading…

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About Oklahoma City Jobs

When you take a city position, you get city benefits which may include:

  • Health Insurance – may be offered for full time and part time employees. It may also be offered for families too. In many cases, the city will pay the premiums for employee insurance
  • Flex spending account – If you don’t want to be caught off guard when an accident or sickness arises, a flex spending account will be there for you when you need it. Pay a little each paycheck to save back money for you to use during important times.
  • Dental – Visit a dentist once a year for cleaning, x-rays, and exams and have procedures done on your teeth or purchase dentures and implants
  • Vision – Visit an eye professional once a year to make sure that your eyes are being taken care of.
  • Retirement – You can retire from the county normally within 20 years of service.
  • Life Insurance – The company will pay for life insurance
  • Employee medical center – To save on the cost of healthcare, you can visit the employee medical center for health exams and ailments.

Example Positions

Administrative Coordinator for Transit – $43,054 to $65,772 per year

Full time position. This position will require a variety of administrative support on a daily basis.

County Clerk: $99,263 per year

Full time position. This position requires a dedication to the city in order to perform job duties that includes managing staff, managing certain activities for the city, serve as clerk to city council, maintain minutes of meetings and keep files for council, hold and manage board meetings and trust meetings, and more.

Payroll Supervisor: $63,000 – $97,000 per year

Full time position. This position requires the consistent upkeep of employee payrolls, including number of vacation hours and holiday hours, sick leave, and more. This position does require a degree to apply.

Police Officer: $47,000 – $67,000 per year

Full time position. This position requires serving the public during hours.


When you want to better yourself, you can choose a city position to create a better and more secure outlook on your future. While some city jobs offer an entry level opportunity to gain entrance, others require a certification or degree.