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When it comes to our legal systems, a paralegal is a role which an absolute necessity. During the earlier times, there was no concept of them, however, new technology and new advancements are changing the legal industry and it now shows how important paralegals are. Paralegal jobs have their own set of advantages. Keep reading…

New NYC Paralegal Jobs

About NYC Paralegal Jobs

When it comes to having a good career, one thing that we all wish to have is job security and that is exactly what this profession offers. In the US alone, there are more than fifty thousand employment opportunities available for new paralegals. The reason why this job offers long term security is that this is a profession that plays a very important role for attorneys. Moreover, when it comes to compensation, this career is on the boom in this regard.


A paralegal is a job that can never get monotonous. Each day you will witness a different client with a completely different case. This profession also gives one the option to either be self-employed or to work for someone else. Freelancing is very common for paralegals and also a great way to work for those who do not want to restrict themselves to a single employer.

As freelancers, a paralegal will directly report to the attorneys, the only difference is that they can choose to work from home or the office. This is not a full-time or regular based job; it is more of a project-based or a contractual job.

Local Job Market

New York is known to have the largest legal market in the world. Apart from that, it is home to many big and mighty legal firms. For many high-profile clients, the first spot for their legal concerns in New York, because the city has that reputation as well as the sources to have the best legal industry in the world.

Example Positions

Following are some of the firms looking for fresh as well as experiences paralegals in New York:

  • New York District’s Attorney Office
  • Children’s rights
  • Anderson Kill P.C
  • Kriss and Feuerstein
  • The platta law firm
  • Arrow search partners
  • The ONeil search group
  • Eigen technology
  • Legal services New York
  • CACI International
  • Starz
  • Robert Half
  • Holwell Shuster & Goldberg LLP
  • Dull and Phelps
  • Relevante
  • ACLU
  • International Law Firm
  • Katz and Matz
  • Soni resources group
  • Weitz and Luxenberg, P.C.
  • New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation
  • Desena Shook Staffing Service Inc
  • Ross and Asmar LLC
  • KJM Staffing Solutions
  • Kent Daniels and Associates, Inc.

Employee Feedback

Those who have worked as paralegals find this job to be very rewarding, both in terms of experience and compensation. They believe that for a paralegal, many growth opportunities in New York can add value to one’s resume.


If you are a paralegal by profession and are looking for jobs, then look nowhere else as New York is the place for you. This city has the biggest legal market; hence it will provide you with great job opportunities.

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