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Part time jobs in Baltimore are the perfect way to learn a new job skill, make some extra money, or to fill in time if you don’t have anything else to do on your days off of your other job. In some cases, you can make enough money working your part time job to be equal to what you would make working a full-time job which means you are home more to do what you want to do. Keep reading…

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About Baltimore Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs can include a few hours each day, a few days per week, weekends only, or any other arrangement that the company may work out. A part time job normally consists of under thirty hours per week and normally does not include insurance and other benefits. In some cases, it does offer higher pay in lieu of benefits and a full-time commitment.

Example Positions

Part time Stocker at Aldi

In this position, you will be responsible for stocking shelves, assisting customers, and other duties as assigned by the supervisor. Hours will be discussed in interview

Part time Cashier at Whole Foods Market

In this position, you will work the front line of the market. You will greet customers, ring up their carts, take money, exchange money, and keep the front of the store looking clean. You will be dealing direct with customers.

Part time receptionist at Genesis Healthcare

In this position, you will be able to handle inbound and outbound calls, greet visitors that come into the facility, print/copy papers, and handle all other administrative tasks delegated by the supervisor.

Benefits of Working Part Time

Working part time has its benefits just like full time jobs do. While making as much money as possible is nice, it’s not always the most important thing on your list. Here are some benefits to working part time

  • Working part time allows you additional time to do something else that you would like to do. Maybe you want to play in a band down town or maybe you are going back to school to earn your degree. With a part time work schedule, you have flexibility to do what you want to do.
  • Working part time allows you to improve the skills you already have and to learn new skills for the future. If you accept the right part time job, you may work yourself into a full time position later which can lead to more money, benefits, and doing what you love to do.
  • Working part time decreases your stress. It’s important to make money but it’s not important enough to sacrifice your health to do it. If you can pay your bills with a part time job, then work part time and enjoy life. Don’t waste your time stressing about something that you can’t control.
  • Working part time perfects your time management. You learn how much time you have free, how much time it takes for you to get ready for work, how much time it takes for you to get to work, and you learn to balance your time more.


Sometimes, all you need is a part time job to pay the bills and make you happy. Enjoy life, be happy with what you are doing, make a plan and stick to it.

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