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The fact of working a part-time job is that the majority of them are concentrated in the service industry, whether that be food service, sale associate roles, or hospitality. Keep reading…

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About Denver Part Time Jobs

In Denver, there are currently nearly 15,000 part-time positions currently hiring – a testament to the sheer size of the part-time job market as well as the current demand for workers in service or production roles in a variety of sectors. Currently, one of the biggest hiring pushes for part-time workers in Denver is coming from grocery stores such as King Soopers as well as care giving jobs at nursing homes and care facilities.

Common PT Jobs

These industries are hiring sales clerks and caregivers respectively, but other common part-time jobs in Denver include warehouse workers and restaurant staff. The minimum wage in Colorado is just over $11 hourly, so a part-time position can typically generate anywhere from $11 to around $18 hourly, depending on the necessary qualifications for the position.

The average part-time position in Denver makes $13 to $15 hourly, but that number is higher for more technically qualified positions, such as a commercial driver or technician role, and does not account for tips that waitstaff at restaurants receive.

Possible Drawbacks  

One of the major downsides to a part-time position is the fast turnover rate. Employees rarely stay in a part-time position longer than two years and either quit, get fired, or get promoted to full time. On the other hand, part-time positions tend to be more flexible which makes them great jobs for students or anyone in search of work experience to bulk up their resume.

Another downside, however, is that part-time employees are never granted the same kinds of insurance benefits that full-time employees are, meaning they are often left without health, vision, or dental insurance as well as without a reliable way to save up for retirement.

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