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A part time position may be all you need to make enough money to pay bills and find work and home balance. Part time jobs is normally less than 40 hours per week and normally don’t offer benefits. A part time job also offers more flexibility if you are struggling to find dependable childcare or if you have other obligations. Keep reading…

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Most part time jobs do not offer insurance, 401 (k) savings, and paid vacation days, many will offer more pay on the hour to compensate for your inconvenience of coming out of your home to do the job.

Types of Jobs

Part time jobs may offer day shifts, night shifts, evening shifts, weekend work, or it may stagger out your days needed, for example eight hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You may also work a few hours a day, such as four hours Monday morning, and six hours Friday evening. Many part time jobs are simply to fill in the hours that cannot be arranged with full time employment.

Job Search

You can find part time jobs in Detroit by doing an online search. This will yield several pages of possible jobs available that offer part time so you may need to narrow down your search by applying certain keywords within your search, such as part time jobs in Detroit in nursing. This will return only positions that offer part time employment in nursing.

You can contact a place of business direct. Many cases, you can call or walk in and speak to someone in human resources about possible openings available within the company. In some cases, you will get an interview on the spot.

You can watch for the next job fair advertisement and attend. If your community is sponsoring a job fair in the near future, you will want to get ready. Go ahead and sign up when its ready. Sharpen up your resume. If you don’t know much about a resume, you may want to hire a professional to create a professional resume for you. Be sure to dress for the many interviews that you may have on-the-spot at the job fair.

Staffing Agencies are another place to look for part time work. These agencies are in charge of advertising, hiring, and working with the company to hire a part time employee. Staffing agencies will be a great asset to your part time job search.


When looking for a part time job, be prepared to be flexible with your schedule. Part time jobs are not always Monday through Friday. Once you land the right part time job, you will be able to have more time at home to do things you enjoy, like spending time with your family while making extra money to contribute to paying bills and expenses.

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