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Although Los Angeles is known for the glitz and glamor of its entertainment and technology sectors, all of that rests upon the hard work of wage laborers who often work part-time positions to make a living in the City of Angels. Keep reading…

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About Los Angeles Part Time Jobs

While Los Angeles captures the full breadth of economic power and positions, the majority of part-time roles in the city are concentrated in the service industry or related to manufacturing in some capacity. “Part-time” means that an employee works less than 30 hours any given week. It also means that employers are not entitled to give their part-time employees the same benefits as their full-time employees, which means a lack of access to company insurance and retirement savings.

While part-time jobs are in relative abundance at any given moment, most employees make the LA minimum wage of $15. While that number may sound high to non-residents, it is heavily offset by the city’s high cost of living.

Major Employers

Part-time jobs in Los Angeles span a wide variety of sectors. One of the biggest employers of part-time workers in Amazon, including all of its various services from package delivery to grocery stores to the legion of customer services employees to maintain that. While a delivery driver often makes slightly higher, the majority of Amazon employees make $15 hourly in Los Angeles.

Other major part-time employers in LA include Target, Kroger Foods, and Allied Universal, all of which involve customer service heavy positions. Given the sheer size of the LA economy, this captures only a small fraction of part-time employers, but the majority of others can be found in food service or manufacturing sectors and tend to be major companies.

Pros & Cons

The primary advantage of working in a part-time position is the flexibility of one’s schedule. Part-time positions are commonly utilized by students or younger people while they work on longer-term career goals, so most employers are sympathetic to a part-time employee having additional obligations outside of work. Additionally, part-time positions are a great way to gain work experience and bolster a resume.

The drawbacks to part-time positions are found primarily in the lower range pay scale and the lack of benefits that full-time employees are typically offered. Part-time employees generally do not have access to the insurance and retirement benefits that their full-time counterparts do, making it difficult to sustainably remain in a part-time position for an extended period of time. As a result, the turnaround time on most part-time roles is within a period of six months to two years. Within this time frame, most employees quit or are fired because there is not sufficient motivation to stay in one position for a substantial time period and employers know they can quickly replace a worker if the need arises.


In short, part-time positions are adequate to sustain a worker in the short term but are generally not a viable or satisfying long term option for most people.

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