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If you are looking for part time jobs in San Antonio, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed due to the fact there are so many choices available these days. Part time jobs normally consists of working less than forty hours per week. When an employee is considered part time, he or she is normally not eligible for benefits such as health insurance or retirement. The part time employee is paid a set wage or an hourly wage only. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs are beneficial if you need a little extra cash in between paychecks, if you are self-employed but need a part time job to help with bills until your business takes off, if you are a parent working around your family’s schedule, or if you just like getting out of the house and talking with people.

Part Time Positions

When searching for part time positions, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Some part time jobs cater more toward the younger generation who is still in school but wanting to make a little money to pay for their own car insurance.

Part time positions may include:

  • Jobs for college students
  • Jobs for teenagers
  • May be able to work at home
  • Fun / lifestyle type part time jobs

Job Search

When you begin your search for part time positions, you will want to search or other popular online job boards. Once you narrow your search down to part time jobs in San Antonio, you will be able to find a position that is right for you.

Before you apply for a part time job, consider the following factors:

  • What are you interested in? You will want to find a job that you are interested in so that you will enjoy going to work.
  • What hours can you work? Working hours that do not work for your home life is not going to last. Find a part time job that offers the hours you need and make no exceptions.
  • Can you travel, or do you want to go to one location? Some jobs require that you travel around within a certain range, such as for home health care. If you don’t want to travel, then look for jobs that have only one location.
  • Are you able to work from home? If you have space for a home office, you may be able to work from home after your training.

Before you begin your search for a part time job, determine what will work best for you and your family. Decide what you are trying to achieve with a part time job and work hard to reach that goal.


Part time jobs are good because they don’t put you under any pressure to work a full work schedule. You don’t wear out so easy on a part time job because you get more of a break in between shifts. Some part time jobs become full time jobs if the company can afford to hire a full time and you are doing well at your job.

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