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PDX, is a nickname for Portland Oregon. Portland is also known as “Rose City” or “City of Roses” however, many Portland businesses will use the PDX because it is a common nickname for Portland. The PDX is the code the airport uses for Portland. Keep reading…

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If you live in Portland and you are searching for a job, you may want to use PDX jobs to find more results. Before you begin your search, consider what you have experience in from your previous positions and also what you are interested in doing. Now is your chance to find something that you actually like doing if you haven’t been that happy in previous work.

Another factor to consider is do you want a job that you can work up in over the next few years, such as an entry-level position. You can add that to your main search in order to narrow down the results you get back.

Example Jobs

PDX Airport – Aircraft cleaner for the Night Shift – Full Time

In this position, you are responsible for direct lift truck moving and positioning within the airport. You will also remove trash from previous flights, clean and restock bathrooms on aircraft, clean galley, wipe down all seats, back of seats, back pockets on seats, tray tables, and replace magazines as needed. You will fold blankets and store them as well as pillows in the overhead compartments. The floors on the aircraft will need to be cleaned before you exit the aircraft, and your assignment is complete.

General Manager PDX Manufacturing – Full Time

In this position, you will form a plan, direct others, control and coordinate the plant manufacturing. You will be responsible for keeping product cost in line and consider the product quality as well as delivery required as well. You will also be responsible for training employees and recognize employee efforts. It’s also important that you maintain the staffing within your unit.

Sushi Chef for Musashi’s PDX – Full Time or Part Time

In this position, you will be in charge of food prep during your shift. You will manage orders and the workflow in food preparation. While preparing dishes, you will need to ensure the quality of the food and use accurate products while preparing dishes. You are required to keep the work area clean throughout the shift and sanitize before shift ends. You will need to wash dishes as it is needed and delegate tasks to staff while you are working.


Before you begin applying for jobs, make sure that the company you are considering investing your time in is worth it. You want to make sure that you going to work with a company that you can get along with and grow in.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do in Portland, there is a job available for you to apply for. Determine what job you want to work at, apply, and land that job.

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