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One of the most unique aspects of the economic makeup of Los Angeles is its high concentration of wealth – faces of the entertainment and influencer industries flock to the city with plenty of income at their disposal, which means they are often on the lookout for personal assistants. Of course, not all personal assistants work for celebrities, and a growing number of well-off Los Angeleans are seeking out the support of a personal assistant to help with day to day tasks. Keep reading…

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About Los Angeles Personal Assistant Jobs

Personal assistant positions are hugely variable in their duties and salary because they are inherently based around the needs of another person, but we have attempted to generalize the characteristics and earnings of most Los Angeles personal assistants and offer some guidance on securing such a position.

Requirements & Responsibilities

Personal assistants are hired for a variety of reasons, but the most prominent requirement is the ability to multitask. Some employers want an assistant to help with childcare, others need help with scheduling and keeping track of appointments, some want a driver, a chef, or a social media manager. While it is impossible to be fully qualified in all areas, most employers are simply looking for another person that they get along with well and can ask to do multiple small tasks that they do not want to or are too busy to do themselves. That being said, having basic skills across a variety of disciplines often makes for a great personal assistant.

While clients vary, most personal assistant jobs are full time and structured around a standard work schedule but must be prepared to make accommodations according to their client’s schedule and frequently be available on weekends or after standard work hours. Personal assistants may also be asked to travel with clients, depending on the requirements of their position, and for high-profile clients may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Job Search

One key barrier to finding work as a personal assistant is that many prospective clients will not put up a job listing on a standard website, but will instead find applicants by recommendations or word of mouth, or ask someone they already know to function as an assistant. As a result, one of the best ways to break into a personal assistant job is to make connections or put yourself in a position to meet people who might be in search of an assistant. Of course, some clients will follow standard hiring procedures, but most of these jobs tend to involve a higher degree of caregiving for children or elderly family members than some applicants feel comfortable with.

Compensation & Satisfaction

Personal assistant jobs vary greatly in salary and are largely dependent on the income of a client. For example, a personal assistant to a high-profile client with a substantial income can make well over $100,000 annually while an assistant to a lower profile client might make closer to $70,000 annually. These numbers are often complemented by the perks of bonuses and gifts if a client particularly appreciates their assistant as well as the standard employment benefits of health insurance and retirement savings.

In general, personal assistants are very content in their jobs – they tend to be outgoing and enjoy helping another person day to day as well as the high-quality relationships their job can help to facilitate.

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