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A personal assistant is someone who helps a manager with their tasks on an everyday basis. Personal assistants usually work for business owners or other people who are in executive positions at an organization since they need somebody to handle mundane tasks. Keep reading…

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About NYC Personal Assistant Jobs

A personal assistant will always work alongside their manager – providing them support with tasks such as scheduling their calendars, giving them reminders, or attending work-related phone calls for them. Depending upon the industry, a personal assistant job typically involves office and organizational work responsibilities.


Communication skills are the key to becoming an impressive personal assistant. Most personal assistant jobs will include small-scale project management and executive work, such as scheduling meetings or business trips. The interesting part of being a personal assistant is being responsible for a wide variety of tasks every day – meaning that this job could never get monotonous or boring.

Managers expect their assistants to be vigilant and pay attention to each detail. They must also be adaptable since work hours may vary throughout the week. There may be stressful situations when the personal assistant has to manage multiple things at once, so patience is a significant skill in this job category. Active listening skills are also essential in becoming a successful personal assistant.

Job Search

Since almost all managers or executives will require a personal assistant, the supply of the job is high. The crucial aspect of getting a respectable personal assistant job in NYC is having good professional relations with people who can recommend you for the next job.

Being a personal assistant requires no formal degree. However, employers in NYC will appreciate if you have a certain level of education such as a high school degree and some practical experience in the field, which allows you to become better at your job. If you have completed a training course in management, it may be easier to get a high-paying personal assistant job in NYC.

Job Statistics

An average assistant in NYC can have an annual income of approximately $60,000. If you get a job at a large corporation, it may be easier to earn even higher amounts ranging up to $120,000.

Most personal assistants report that they often work more than their 9 am-5 pm schedule. In case you want to pursue a long-term career as an assistant, experts recommend that you maintain a flexible schedule and work around the clock to handle any situation that may arise. Sally Russel, recipient of the prestigious PA of the year award, reports that being a good personal assistant requires you to attend calls incredibly early in the morning or late at night.

Example Positions

As a personal assistant in NYC, jobs are common since all managers at large corporations will require a PA to handle their tasks.

Large companies in NYC include:

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co – located at 270 Park Ave.
  • Barnes & Noble – located at 122 Fifth Ave.
  • American Express – located at 200 Vesey Street.
  • Verizon Communications Inc – located at 1095 Avenue of the Americans.

The Final Word

Becoming a personal assistant is simple and requires no formal degree. However, if you want to pursue a fulfilling career in this field, the biggest requirement is to be good at what you do and have exceptional management skills.  

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