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You worked hard to get your degree in pharmacology and now you are ready to enter the work field, doing something you enjoy and making money, or maybe you have been a pharmacist for a while but now you need a change from where you are working currently. A degree in pharmacology is something that can take you far. You can work anywhere you want to with so many opportunities you have available. Keep reading…

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When you are ready to begin your search, be sure that you have a resume listing all your current information including job history. You can apply online in many jobs available today.

Example Positions

Here are three companies, for example, that are looking for pharmacists in the Austin area:

Amazon – Up to $130,000 per Year

Did you know that even Amazon hires pharmacists? As a pharmacist for Amazon in Austin, Texas you will be providing clinical support for Amazon customers. You will get to know your customers’ needs so you can assist them in taking their medications correctly. You will check each prescription you fill with accuracy as well as efficiency, so they don’t have to wait on their medications. You will work with new customers, handle prescription transfers, and set up new accounts.

Infusion Pharmacy – Amerita Inc.

In this position, you will be in charge of managing and monitoring medications and drug therapy for patients in a home care setting. You will work closely with nurses and physicians to improve the health of patients. You will coordinate with the facility and handle new referrals including admissions so that medications are available to the patient as promptly as possible. Help to plan and implement patient care and monitor outcomes of all drug therapy. You will also need to gather up laboratory data as well as clinical data in order to better the drug therapy for each patient.

Encompass Healthcare – Full Time

Encompass Healthcare is a rehabilitation hospital specializing in acute patient care. Patients go there to recover from a spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, and a variety of neurological disorders. Encompass Healthcare also works with patients who has rheumatoid arthritis, amputations, fractures, osteoarthritis, joint replacement, pulmonary conditions, cardiac conditions, and multiple traumas.

As a pharmacist, you will join a team of healthcare providers who focuses on each individual patient’s needs. You will fill prescriptions ordered by physicians, educate the patient or the patient’s family on the medication and its possible side effects. You will work with a team of professionals to adjust medications or change medications during drug therapy in order to better the patient’s outcome.


When you are ready to go to work as a pharmacist, you have so many possibilities. As you see, there are so many different areas you can use your education and your experience as a pharmacists in.

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