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Pharmacists are healthcare individuals who work in collaboration with doctors and physicians to provide the best possible medication for every patient. Illinois has a great job market in the pharmacy sector which might make Chicago, Illinois’ best city, a good city to look for pharmacists jobs in. In America, pharmacist jobs rank at number 21 in the list of best-paying jobs. Any individual with a high school pharmacy diploma can work as a lower-level pharmacist. However, for better, higher-level jobs, employers require a professional degree of Pharmacy. Keep reading…

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Currently, more than 300,000 pharmacists are working in the US who normally clock-in an estimated 40 working hours a week. As for the employers, independent pharmacies hire the most pharmacists. Following them are hospitals and finally supermarkets where there are vacancies for pharmacy jobs but not as many as independent pharmacies and hospitals.

Illinois, the home state of Chicago currently has more than 12000 people working at different positions. Talking about the windy city, currently, there are hundreds of openings for pharmacists and many hospitals and pharmacies are looking to hire pharmacy professionals.  

Typical Job Titles and Responsibilities

There are many different arenas that pharmacists serve in. We have picked a few positions that a pharmacist can work on and mention the responsibilities an individual fulfills when working on these positions.

Many healthcare facilities employ Clinical Pharmacists. These pharmacists work along with doctors and physicians to develop a proper medication plan for the patients. They explain to the patients proper usage of each medicine that they are given. They may suggest alternatives in case a patient appears to be allergic to any medicine prescribed to him/her.

Pharmacists also find employment as staff pharmacists. Staff Pharmacists are responsible for determining whether the medicines that the doctors have prescribed are suitable for the patients. They may also perform necessary documentation such as the patient’s medicinal history and documentation regarding insurance and billing. They may also oversee other employees of the pharmacy.

Then there are Health Outcome Pharmacists who are responsible for planning and organizing programs for patient care. They also work to make sure that their pharmacy is compliant with FDA standards and operates according to the SOPs. Health outcome pharmacists are also required to stay updated regarding the developments in their field by staying involved in their community and reading relevant content.

Most experienced pharmacists also find employment as a Pharmacist in Charge. These pharmacists take part in and oversee the daily operations of their pharmacy. Pharmacist in charge may also manage the inventory of their pharmacy. They help the patients by answering their medicine-related queries and if needed, may as well discuss the prescribed procedures and medicines with the doctor before dispensing them. The pharmacists in charge also actively participate in the hiring process of new individuals for their pharmacies.

Job Statistics

American Bureau of labor statistics reports that there may be a 3% decline in the employment rates in the pharmacy sector in the next 10 years. This national decline rate may also have significant effects on pharmacist jobs in Chicago in the upcoming years. As far as turnover in this sector is concerned, the pharmacy reported a turnover of 5.6% in 2013 that had come down from around 8% in 2012. However, some of the major pharmacies may still have a high turnover rate signaling that employee retention is still somewhat of an issue in the pharmacy sector.  

Pharmacists’ jobs are one of the best paying jobs in the US. Qualified Pharmacists in Chicago make around $120,000 annually. However, people working at lower positions might make much less than that in a year with pharmacy clerks earning an average annual salary of only around $30,000.

Employee Feedback

The biggest pro is a good salary. Most pharmacies pay good salaries to their pharmacists. Moreover,  working in the pharmacy sector, as mentioned by some pharmacists, is a great opportunity to help the general public. This brings immense satisfaction to some people.

However, many pharmacists complain about the long working hours, tough schedules, and the stress that this job has. Most people also complain about their management, but that may differ from employer to employer.


Pharmacists assist people and provide them with the best available medicine according to their prescriptions. They may also prescribe some over the counter medicines for minor ailments and suggest alternatives.

Chicago may as well be one of the best places to work as a pharmacist. This is because Illinois has many opportunities for aspiring pharmacists. However, pharmacist jobs in Chicago might see a decline. The reason for this could be the expected decline in the national pharmacy employment rate during the current decade.

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