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An increasingly popular occupational sector nationwide is the pharmaceutical industry, namely pharmacist positions. Its popularity is largely due to the high potential salary for a pharmacist for comparatively little required schooling and certification required; that is, a pharmacist position gets an employee a lot of bang for their buck where education is concerned. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Pharmacist Jobs

In 2019, the number of pharmacist positions nationwide increased slightly with a similar increase reflected in Dallas, Texas specifically. And, because pharmacists are essential workers, that number has remained largely stable in 2020 with consistent job openings available at the variety of health care employers based in Dallas. Currently, there are about 50 pharmacy jobs in Dallas open to outside applicants.

Education & Requirements

A pharmacy degree is much faster to obtain than an MD degree, but it still requires an undergraduate degree in addition to a Doctoral of Pharmacy or PharmD degree. These certifications can be obtained in one of two ways: completing undergraduate and PharmD degree processes separately or embarking on a dual degree pathway that allows a student to receive both certifications in six years.

After obtaining a PharmD degree, students must undergo a one-year pharmaceutical residency program and obtain their pharmaceutical license. On average, most pharmacy students spend 6 to 7 years in school after high school to obtain the necessary certifications. The payoff is immediate, with most starting salaries in the six-figure range around $120,000 annually and opportunity for growth as experience is accrued.

Major Employers

In Dallas specifically, the largest pharmacy employers are Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS with a collective total of over 100 operating pharmacies in the city. There are also three successful local pharmacies in Dallas that are popular for their more personalized feeling and friendly customer service. These are Oak Lawn Pharmacy, Preston Road Pharmacy, and Dougherty’s Pharmacy. Dougherty’s pharmacy in particular is a Dallas mainstay, operating in the city for over 90 years and building a loyal customer base among appreciative residents.

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