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Physical therapist jobs are positions that center around providing methods of improving physical function without the need for an operation or, in many cases, following an operation. Patients of physical therapists can range from individuals recovering from complicated operations that have limited their mobility to people who have suffered mobility impairment due to injury or chronic illness but for whom operations are not required or recommended. However, patients could also include elderly individuals who need assistance in rebuilding or maintaining balance and coordination. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Physical Therapist Jobs

While job descriptions differ for each physical therapist on the basis of where they are working and the age range of individuals they are working with, there are common themes that tie all therapist jobs together. Primarily, all physical therapists provide plans and assistance for their patients to help them with and through physical therapy. They direct individuals through a preset process which they usually set up themselves and tailor to patient needs and, more often than not, they demonstrate the exercises they require their patients to do. Thus, physical fitness is a very important general requirement of being a physical therapist.

Other responsibilities of a physical therapist can include:

  • Assessing the physical mobility and function of their patients
  • Creating suitable treatment plans
  • Adjusting exercise and treatment plans for patients based on progress
  • Liaising with other healthcare professionals the patient is in contact with, including but not limited to their primary care physician
  • Supervising and demonstrating physical therapy exercise
  • Booking in appointments and managing their own diary
  • Providing advice to guardians, careers and/or family members

Physical Therapist Job Requirements

With regards to education and qualifications, the base for a physical therapist is a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Relevant fields include anatomy, biology, or pre-physical therapy. Following that a Master’s and or Doctor of physical therapy qualifications are essential in securing a position, but you must ensure that they are properly certified by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy or your qualification will not be recognized. Finally, a licensing exam is the final requirement before you can move on to a fellowship or residency program in a clinical environment. 

Physical Therapist Specialties and Earnings

With regards to career progression, in the first instance, as you expand your experience in the general field, you will be able to specialize and choose more specific physiotherapy paths, indicative of your interests. Specialties within physical therapy include:

  • Women’s health,
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Geriatric physiotherapy
  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy
  • Pediatric physiotherapy
  • Palliative care

Average wages for physical therapists in the US in general were calculated at around $88,880 in 2018. Depending on the specific state and hospital or clinical setting you are working in, this wage can of course vary, with differences as high as $10,000 more or less that the average. Fortunately, Texas is one of the states where physical therapists are paid most, with a 2018 mean average of $92,940.

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