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Every year, the Port of Seattle sees thousands of people coming and going while visiting the Seattle area. This port is a government port that oversees both the airport and the seaport. It takes a lot of people to work together to create a smooth flowing system that works without disruptions, taking care of everyone that comes through during the day or night. Keep reading…

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About Port of Seattle Jobs

If you want to work at a rewarding job, you may want to consider working for the port of Seattle. The port of Seattle keeps up with their website so that everyone will have access to a variety of jobs to consider at any time.

Positions Available at the Port of Seattle

  • Landside Supervisor – provide landside supervision, leadership, and support to the Landside Operative team
  • Payroll Operations – In charge of administering payroll to employees at the port
  • Bus Driver Relief – a licensed driver to fill in when possible. Must have people skills. Transporting from the airport to surrounding areas
  • ERP Developer/Programmer – prepare and program software and repair, upgrade, and control every aspect online.
  • HVAC – Assist in maintaining commercial properties
  • Senior Manager in Financial Accounting – know what is coming and going and providing reports to stockholders, company holders, and anyone associated with the port.
  • Real estate property manager – maintain commercial property in and near the port
  • Scheduler Aviation – provide complex project control services while supporting the delivery of airports capitol program
  • Construction – You will be in charge of every aspect of the procurement of public works construction contracts from beginning to end

Not every position open is a full- time position. There are some that is temporary, part time, full time, and seasonal. Once you know what you can work, you can begin your search.

How Much do You Need to Get Paid?

Every position will have a different pay scale to go by. In most cases, port positions such as these required someone with experience to fill them. If you have a certification or degree, you will want to add it to your resume to show that you have the experience necessary to qualify for that position. Know how much you will need to get paid before you apply. You need to earn enough to pay your bills and still have some left over.

Finding the Right Port of Seattle Job

The website stays up to date on all the positions available so be sure to check there first in order to determine what you can apply for, if any. If you can’t find what you are qualified or interested in, keep checking back often as the positions change as they are filled or are needed. You can also visit social media sites that offer job positions available in the area. Job search websites also keep an accurate tally of what job is open and a direct link to apply. Once you create an account, you will be able to go in and fill out or post your resume so that others may be able to see your qualifications and contact you if a job needs filled.


Finding a job at Port Seattle is going to be a rewarding job. You will be near the water, you will be near the airport, you will meet new people every day from around the world.

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