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If you live in Portland and are searching for a job, the job market may feel very overwhelming to you. There are so many jobs that are listed online and it’s hard to determine which one is legitimate, and which one is a scam. It’s hard to believe that scammers can reach these job board and the job boards do their best to find a way to keep the scammers out but at the same time, they still manage to sneak in sometimes. Keep reading…

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About Portland Jobs

When searching online for Portland jobs, you will need to check the link back to the company and then do a search online to determine that the company is real, and they are hiring. Keep in mind, you should never have to pay to work at a job.

How to Search for Jobs

There are three ways that you can search for Portland jobs; create your own search, search through online job boards, or go through job staffing agencies.

To create your own search for a job, use Google to find companies that reside within Portland. Your list will probably come back with any and all businesses from coffee houses to warehouses. Go through the list and when you find a business that may be interesting to you, write their name and address down along with the phone number so you can call them. Once you have a list of ten, start contacting them to inquire about any available positions, schedule interviews, and follow up with emails.

Online Resources

To search for a job online, you can visit some of the most popular job board online such as www.glassdoor.com, www.indeed.com, or www.simplyhired.com . Once you are on these sites, you will be able to customize your job search by location or job title to ensure that you are applying for jobs that you are qualified for and not jobs that you are not interested in.

To find a job through a staffing agency, you can go online to find all the staffing agencies and temp agencies in the Portland area. Find the contact number for each agency and then call them to see what is available or look to see if they have a website that you can log onto and view the jobs that are available on their job board.

Example Positions

Cannabis Harvest Support – Full Time – $13.50 to $15 per hour

For this position, you will need to have or obtain OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit. You will be responsible for performing duties to support the business, promote the business, and provide the best customer service.

Data Entry Specialist – Full Time – $12 per hour

This is an entry level position. Does not require experience to apply. This position is seeking candidates that can work independently. Will enter data, perform basic marking tasks, clerical tasks, and provide the best customer service as well as support.


When searching for a job in Portland you have many options to help you locate your next job. Taking your time and searching for the right position is important and worth the effort you put into it.