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Have you ever wanted to get up in the mornings and walk to your office across the hall and spend your day making money in a position that you love? That is the modern working mans’ dream and in today’s world, you can make that dream come true. More companies today are searching for employees that would prefer to work remotely from their home office. Keep reading…

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When a business hires a remote worker, they don’t have to pay rent on a building for workers to come to every day. They don’t have to pay for worker’s compensation, health insurance, office equipment, and other requirements of a business location. Remote workers normally are contracted out as an independent contractor who is responsible for their own office equipment and pays their own business taxes throughout the year.

Job Search

If you want to find remote work from home, here are three places you can begin your search:


In order to find a remote job, you can begin your search online. A quick “remote jobs in Austin, TX” search on a popular search engine can yield around 53,500,000 results. You will want to narrow down your results by determining what you want to do in your remote job. You may want to do data entry, provide customer support, cold calling for new clients, or be available in an emergency situation for an alarm company. Your possibilities are endless.

Contact Jobs Directly

You never know what business owner is contemplating placing their business strictly online. You can save them a lot of time by calling or emailing them personally, providing your expertise, attach your resume, and send. This is the equivalent to spending the entire day walking around Austin and putting in your resume/application in several businesses except that you can be more efficient and focus on businesses that you know you can cater to.

Temp or Staffing Agency

When you have decided to work remotely, you will want to update your resume and register with all the local temp and staffing agencies in the Austin area who will keep your resume on file and notify you when a position comes in matching your expertise and is requiring someone who will work remotely.

You must offer a quiet work setting free of background noises so you can hear your customers/callers and they can hear you. Most businesses will require the basic office equipment set up such as a fax machine, copy machine, computer, a good internet connection, a reliable phone line, and headset.

Remote jobs also require self-starters as well as self-motivators that can thrive in an independent environment without teamwork


A remote job in Austin can be obtainable if you have the space to set up an office in your home and you are willing to make a few adjustments to customize according to the customers’ requirements.

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