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Giving that the COVID19 virus situation is still here with us, and we don’t know when the situation will be back to “normal”, the remote jobs become part of our “new normal” everyday life. After the pandemic is over, there is a chance that most of the employees will go back to working in the office, but the good thing is that they don’t have to do that. The ones who like working from home can continue doing that. Keep reading…

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There is a wide range of different occupations that can be done from home. Some of them are developer jobs (Web and Software), then a job of statistician, mathematician, accountant, etc. As you can see by yourself, nowadays, there are many professional areas that are requiring work remote workers. The best jobs for working remotely are Customer Service Jobs, Entry-Level Computer jobs, Sales, Computer Programming Jobs, Data Entry, Coding, and Transcription Jobs, Translation Jobs, Medical Billing and Coding Jobs, and so many more. 

Example Positions

In Boston, Massachusetts, at the moment, there are more than 93,000 currently available Remote Job positions. For example, MKY Travels has an open position for Travel Agent Professional, and Liberty Mutual Insurance is looking for a Remote Inside Web Chat Sales Representative.

Carver Public Schools has an open position for Elementary Education Support Professional- Remote Support, and Exela Technologies Inc. is looking for Remote Coders at the Emergency Department. Leominster Public Schools need Hybrid/Remote Academic Content Teachers (A-Levels), and the Wellesley Public Schools have an open position for a Teacher Remote Learning School (Middle School). 

As you can see, at the moment, there is a wide range of different Remote Jobs, it is just a matter of your experience, your level of education and your interests, where you would like to apply. 


Regarding the salaries, we must mention that payments vary for different remote jobs, depending on many things. The highest-paid remote-jobs, where is possible to earn the amount of money of $100,000 or even more are, as we already mentioned developer jobs, scientists jobs, engineer jobs, etc. 

When we talk about the salaries for the workers who are doing remote jobs, we must mention that at this moment, the national median pay for remote workers in the United States is $48,500 per year. The interesting fact is that the workers who are employed in the remote positions earn about 8.3 percent more than the ones who are employed at the non-remote positions, no matter that they have the same working experience.


Right now, there is 3.4% of the workers are working remote jobs, and as time passes, that percentage is increasing. In numbers, in 2015, there was a number of 3.9 million U.S. workers working remotely, and nowadays, the percentage is even bigger. 

Regarding the remote job employee’s impressions, this job type has more benefits than deficiencies. The most important benefits are that they have been well-paid for the job that they were doing, and the second benefit is that working from home brings a lot of relief with the organization of a working day.

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